Saman, a cousin arrested in France, disappeared

One of Saman’s two cousins ​​was arrested in France, with the collaboration of the International Cooperation Service of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police of the Ministry of the Interior. After the disappearance of the young Pakistani woman, the searches of the suspects were also extended to the territory of the EU with the inclusion of a request for police control according to the Schengen agreements. Investigations revealed that one of the fugitives was in France and on 21 May he was identified and blocked by the French police. The man, Ikram Ijaz, on board a Flexibus, which left Paris and headed for Barcelona, ​​was presumably trying to reach some relatives in Spain. Ikram Ijaz, who did not comply with his documents, was held in an identification center and arrested yesterday by the French police in Nimes. The elements collected against him, shared by the judicial authorities, led to the issuance of a precautionary custody order in prison because he was held responsible, in concurrence, for the murder and concealment of the young woman’s body. The judicial authority also issued a European arrest warrant which, through the Cooperation Service, was sent to the competent French police body. The extradition operations will start on Monday but a trip to France is not excluded to hear the arrested immediately.

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