Vaccini Italia, from 3 June open to all

From 3 June covid vaccines open to all in Italy. “From 3 June, the Regions and autonomous provinces will be given the opportunity, a letter will soon be sent, to open up all classes following the plan, using all the points of administration, even the company ones”. This was stated by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo during the visit to the vaccination center of Umbria Fiere. Read also “The doses available will be 20 million”, Figliuolo specified, and each Region will have to regulate itself on the number of doses, but what must be “avoided is the run-up between Regions to have more vaccines”. 12-15 YEARS – And again: “It is very likely that from the beginning of next week also Aifa will give the green light to the vaccine for the target from 12 to 15 years – he said – we are talking about about two million and 300 thousand children. In the plan I had already foreseen them in March and therefore we are able to proceed also on this class “. OVER 60 – “To date we have administered almost 33 million doses, of which 21 million and 800 thousand first dose and the remaining, about 11 million and 200 thousand, vaccinated people – added Figliuolo -. On the over 80 we have exceeded 90%, and Umbria is on the target, we are over 80 per cent of the over 70s, and Umbria is on the target, we must all grow on the over 60s nationally because we are around 62-63%. With active call procedures we must go and intercept the remaining part of the population that we lack “.

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