A mom’s salary? Here’s how it should be

Being a mother is (also) a job. If there was a salary for full-time employment, how much would it be? Between working as a chef at home and as an entertainer, passing through a private driver and tutoring teacher, a mother should earn around 6,500 euros a month. To be precise, 6,480, according to the estimate of ProntoPro.it, the reference portal in Italy for supply and demand for professional services, which has done the math in view of Mother’s Day. The average salary was calculated taking into consideration all the activities carried out, and the relative hourly wages recognized to those who carry out the same trades as a professional worker, drawing on a database of 600,000 professionals, divided into 500 categories of services. How do you get to the ‘dream’ salary? Mothers often play the role of private drivers, accompany their children to school, but also to all those playful or sporting events that involve children from an early age: a service that, if paid, would provide a fee of about 19 euros per person. Now. The mother can also be recognized in all respects the role of home chef, a job that provides for an average salary of 55 euros per person: if you consider the commitment on a family with two children, a mother could earn, just for this job, 3,520 euros per month.The coronavirus emergency, with schools closed in fits and starts and distance learning, has forced many mothers to improvise tutoring teachers, a tutoring service that would require an investment of 20 euros per hour. Between a math exercise and a lesson on irregular verbs, the children must also have fun, however, so here the mothers turn into real animators, a professional who usually receives an hourly wage of 50 euros. Particularly useful is the life experience of mothers in solving the small and big problems that children may encounter at school or in adolescence, a psychological consultation that could cost up to 55 euros per hour. related to the management of the house, mothers keep the house tidy and clean, take care of the laundry, like a housekeeper a mother would be entitled to a fee of 15 euros per hour.