• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Vauro: “ My defense Pio and Amedeo unleashed arrows on social media from the left ”


May 6, 2021

“After defending the satirical monologue of Pio and Amedeo and posting my interview with Adnkronos on my facebook profile, I was studded with over 700 comments of criticism, especially from leftists.” Vauro all’Adnkronos. The cartoonist explains that he was forced to post a video to clarify his position: “ I did not defend the comic duo – he says in the video – I saw their monologue and it seemed quite clear to me. who lashed out at this politically correct dictatorship. I was not surprised by the indignant reaction of a lot of right-thinking people, often leftists or what the left was – continues Vauro – you really believe that words like ‘fagot’ or ‘negro’, put in a context that is clearly grotesque and satirical, are they offensive? When those same words are used by political leaders, those so capable, and willing to speak to the worst instincts of the gut? Politicians talking about ‘ invasions’, of ‘illegal immigrants’, distinguishing illegal immigrants from immigrants? But are we there in complete correctness? ”, He asks ironically. ” Satire is not comedy – he stresses – satire has its own language, which is that of the paradox, the grotesque, the exasperations even of the contradictions of conformity but we on the left – he says ironic – now only think about making great battles of form and no battle of substance. Keep it up Comrades, keep it up! ”, He concludes in the video.