• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Amara case, CSM will appear as an injured party in prosecutor investigations


May 6, 2021

The High Council of the Judiciary will appear as an offended party in the proceedings pending before various prosecutors on the case of the minutes of the lawyer Piero Amara. This was decided, according to what is learned, by the presidency committee of the CSM in this morning’s meeting. A request to this effect had been made by the group of independent judges. The committee will request information from the judicial authorities concerned through the State Attorney for the appropriate assessments Appeal investigated employee, Rome Review reserves the Rome Review Court meanwhile reserved the right to decide on the appeal presented by the defense of Marcella Contrafatto on the material kidnapped during the searches ordered by the prosecutors of the Capitoline Prosecutor’s Office. The woman, employed by the CSM now suspended from office, is being investigated for slander by the Capitoline prosecutors as part of the investigation into the dissemination of secret reports of the interrogations made by Piero Amara, a former external Eni lawyer already involved in various investigations, to the magistrates Milanese and arrived in recent months to some newspapers. “We have resorted to the Review claiming that there is no prerequisite for the configurability of the crime of slander – explains the defender, the lawyer Alessia Angelini – The Prosecutor has not filed new documents while we filed a defense brief. There are investigations underway and my client is ready to collaborate with the investigations. “Saturday interrogation of the prosecutor of Milan, Paolo Storari, scheduled for Saturday in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, could dissolve the doubts about the territorial jurisdiction between the capital and Brescia, after both have opened a file with the hypothesis of a crime of disclosure of official secrecy. Storari, under investigation by the Rome prosecutor’s office, will have to answer to the Capitoline prosecutors on the matter linked to Amara’s classified minutes with the list of the alleged lodge Hungary. In Brescia, competent on issues concerning the Milanese togas, the investigation is currently without suspects. The investigation was triggered by the case of the interrogation reports given to the Milanese prosecutors by the lawyer Piero Amara and according to the hypothesis of the accusation, the exchange of documents between Storari and Davigo would have taken place in Milan: a fact that could lead to Brescia the competence Lotti: “False and unfounded circumstances described by Amara about me” “With regard to news reported by some media outlets that link my name to the statements made by the lawyer Amara to the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, I confirm what has been said further occasions and already starting from 2019: the circumstances described by Amara about me are completely false and above all totally devoid of the slightest objective confirmation. Specifically, then, I have never done and have never been in possession of a dossier on Dr. Ielo. I therefore reiterate, once again, that these are defamatory statements which I will ask for an account in the appropriate forums ”. Luca Lotti states this in a note.