The gyms reopen, the rules to be respected

Today, Monday 24 May the gyms reopen according to the timing established by the government in the new Covid decree with which measures were introduced that aim at a gradual return to normality. Instead, we will have to wait a few more days for the indoor pools that will restart on July 1st. The lines to be respected to train in safety – Managers are required to prepare and make visible at the entrance of the structure a special sign containing the maximum number of people allowed inside the various environments (such as halls and changing rooms). ” it is mandatory to measure the temperature of all visitors, members, employees, companions at the time of access, preventing access in the event of a temperature above 37.5 ° C; it is mandatory to check at the entrance that users of the services and any accompanying persons wear a protective mask and, if not, prohibit entry; it is necessary to identify different entry and exit routes – Children must be accompanied by no more than one family member – It is mandatory to provide disinfectant gel dispensers in the areas of access to the plant, transit, as well as in all passage points, including access to changing rooms and services as well as access to the various areas – It is mandatory to always maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter; it is mandatory to wear the mask correctly at any time inside the structure including the access and transit areas; wash your hands frequently – Avoid leaving clothing worn for physical activity in places shared with others, but store them in backpacks or personal bags; always drink from disposable glasses or personalized bottles; do not consume food in the changing rooms and inside the spaces dedicated to sports activities. specific air filtration activities in closed rooms with a high density of people or activities, prohibit the exchange between sports operators and personnel in any case present on the sports site of devices such as smartphones and tablets. – In addition, those who practice the activity, have the obligation: to disinfect their personal effects and not to share them (water bottles, handkerchiefs, tools, etc.); to arrive at the site already dressed appropriately for the activity to be carried out or in such a way as to use common areas to change and equipped with sealing bags for the collection of potentially infected waste; not to touch objects and fixed signs. – At the current state of the epidemiological curve, the use of showers is prohibited, regardless of the interpersonal distancing of those who use them.

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