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Pools reopening, Satins: “Virus resists 20-30 seconds in chlorine”


The gyms reopen today, while the outdoor pools are already open. For those indoors, it will be necessary to wait until July 1st. “There is a Norwegian study” on the action of chlorine against Covid, explains the microbiologist of the University of Rome Tor Vergata Guido Rasi to ‘Agorà’ on Rai3, “which follows other observations already made”, in which “it seems precisely that the virus does not last more than 20-30 seconds above the surface of the water while swimming “in the pool. “It seems really confirmed” adds Rasi, former executive director of the European Medicines Agency Ema, today consultant to the Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency and scientific director of the provider of continuing education in medicine Health In-Training, Consulcesi group. The “50% vaccinated” masks against Covid-19 in Italy “we get there at the end of June”. “Considering, therefore, that after 20 days it is estimated that a person is completely immunized, by the end of July truly outdoors” some masks “can be done without”. Instead “indoors, in particular situations, perhaps it will be better to keep them”. Second dose on vacation Second dose of anti-Covid vaccine on vacation, in holiday resorts: can it be done? “In theory, absolutely yes,” says Rasi. “Anything can be done – he replies to ‘Agorà’ on Rai3 – but you have to stop talking, sit down and do it”. “The non-trivial problem is logistics”, analyzes the expert, a microbiologist from the Tor Vergata University of Rome. From a mathematical point of view, he observes, “we must take into account that with 21 Regions the possible combinations reach 400, so even for a poor traveler it must be clear what can be done and where”. According to Rasi, however, “the theory says that” the recall on vacation “is possible”, also because “probably in June the doses to do it will be there”. To translate the theory into practice, however, “the Regions should sit at the table with each other and with the Commissioner” at the Covid emergency to think about the “handling of vaccines”, because “the logistic machine must take them where they are needed”. Looking to the future , then, a goal to aim for will be to have the vaccination data on the health card: “It would be a complete change of pace also for the safety of the citizen – underlines Rasi – who with his card has everything for any health need, including first aid. But from now to July these seem to me only good intentions and excellent ideas, which must be pursued “. Vaccines for 12-15 year olds The Pfizer / BioNTech anti-Covid vaccine for the 12-15 year old group” has already been approved by the FDA in America and will certainly be approved by the EMA “, whose green light is expected on May 28th. Expanding vaccination to the very young “is fundamental – underlines the microbiologist of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, consultant to the commissioner for the coronavirus emergency and scientific director of the provider of continuing education in medicine Health In-Training, Consulcesi group – because he is part of the second pillar of the management of the “Covid-19” pandemic and that is to nip the points of possible spread “greater than the Sars-CoV-2 infection, which means acting on” those who run a lot, who have the maximum mobility “. And that “from 12 to 30 years is the population that has the maximum mobility. Starting to vaccinate them becomes important also for September”.



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