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Pisa, found the body of Khrystyna Novak: it was hidden in a cottage


Khrystyna Novak’s body was found in a cottage near Castelfranco di Sotto, a town in the province of Pisa, not far from where the 29-year-old lived before her traces were lost. This was revealed this morning by the newspaper “Il Tirreno”: the body was discovered after a joke made in the past few hours by the police officers of Pisa near the point where the cell phone of the young Ukrainian had stopped transmitting signals. Last March 23 in the mystery of the disappearance of Novak, who worked in a nightclub in Altopascio (Lucca), there was the turning point: the Florentine Francesco Lupino, 49, tattoo artist, was arrested on charges of murder and concealment of a corpse. , neighbor of the victim in Orentano, a hamlet of Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa), and partner in drug business with the missing girl’s boyfriend. By the Public Prosecutor of Pisa Lupino is considered the alleged murderer of the young woman, whose disappearance was reported to the police on November 9, 2020, after nine days in which he no longer gave news of himself to family and friends. The disappearance took place after the arrest of Novak’s companion, Airam Gonzalez Negrim, a 41-year-old businessman of Spanish origin, arrested by the police station of Pontedera (Pisa) for the crimes of illegal carrying of weapons and ammunition, receiving stolen goods, detentions of narcotic substances for the purpose of trafficking. Weapons and drugs had been found in her cottage in Corte Nardi, in Orentano, where the 29-year-old herself lived. The investigation – uphill since the early days due to the time gap between the girl’s disappearance and the first intervention, which the Public Prosecutor and the investigators of the Mobile Squad of Pisa, of the Central Operative Service of Rome and of the Scientific Police of Florence and Rome tried to fill it through a conspicuous investigative activity – led to the acquisition of serious evidence of crime against the girl’s neighbor, partner in the criminal affairs of the victim’s partner. The story that led to the tragic epilogue of the young woman’s killing starts right from the moment of the arrest of her Spanish boyfriend, a local entrepreneur in the leather sector. On the evening of October 31, 2020, he was arrested following a ‘tip’ made by Lupino to the Pontedera police who, on his report, surprised Gonzalez Negrim on his return from a trip with Novak and his minor son. and he subjected him to a search, finding him in possession of two guns and a narcotic substance in the house. What emerged from the continuation of the investigations concerning both that proceeding and the one opened following the girl’s disappearance is that, to make those weapons and those substances of Gonzalez Negrim available, it was Lupino himself, two days before his arrest. . That Gonzalez Negrim had been involved by Lupino in his criminal affairs emerged from the statements of the Spaniard, supported by the forensic examination of the chats contained in the cell phone used by the same. The reason for this delation made by Lupino against the shareholder would derive from an altercation that took place between the two neighbors two days before the arrest of Gonzalez Negrim, determined by the will of the entrepreneur, at the express request of Novak, to get out. from the criminal business of buying and selling drugs in which he had been involved by Lupino, as well as to fulfill the desire of his partner, also because the Spaniard had realized that Lupino was secretly subtracting sums of money from common illicit collections. Lupino, in addition to being the neighbor, was also the tenant of Gonzalez and in the context of that quarrel, the Spaniard also ordered the release of the property. In response, Lupino threatened the Spaniard with a Tanfoglio semiautomatic pistol, illegally detained and which he usually carried with him. To close the criminal relationship and bring Gonzalez Negrim back from his initial investment, Lupino that day would have delivered the drug and the two guns to Gonzalez, which would then have been found as part of the search and subsequent arrest of the Spaniard on the evening of the 31st. October 2020. The same evening Krythina Novak returned from the police station, following the arrest of her partner, with her boyfriend’s son, accompanied by the latter’s mother and was left at the Orentano home around 10.30 pm. of the investigators, which took place through both the execution of the forensic examination of the victim’s I cloud and the examination of several witnesses among the victim’s friends, on the morning of November 1, 2020 the girl communicated normally with family and friends, conversed by telephone via Whatsapp call with a friend named Julia, resident in Ukraine, telling her about the arrest of her partner on the day first, by showing her his displeasure; she chatted with her other friends via Instagram. During the phone call with Julia, around 9.30 in the morning, Novak received a call on the intercom of the house in via delle Fontine 62, from Lupino, who had gone to the house to get news from her and to find out if needed something. On that occasion the girl looked out and seeing that it was Lupino, first she told him that she did not need anything and then, given the man’s insistence in presenting this request for availability, Novak would have made a gesture as if to send him “to that country”. The scene was also seen by another neighbor, who noticed Lupino as a result of the gesture go away in a nervous way, skidding with the car. Krystyna spends the afternoon and evening of November 1, in an ordinary way: she chatted with her friends, albeit in a disconsolate way due to the episode that occurred to her partner, she felt again with her friend Julia to whom she reported that she wanted to stay at home waiting for the return of her boyfriend Airam also because a policeman, at the time of the arrest, had reassured her that, given the uncensored state of her companion, he would be released from jail within a couple of days at the most. Confident, she had expressed her intent to wait for him at home. In the evening, after this conversation which took place around 22.00 Italian time, the girl would have searched through her mobile phone on Google for a love movie at 22.35, with the probable intention of watching it. From that moment, there is no longer any news of other activities carried out through Novak’s cell phone, which on the morning of November 2 at 8.44 stopped playing signal, until at 9.41 on November 3, when after having hooked up some cells it finally shut down. at 9.55. Concerned by Ukraine for the lack of contact with her daughter, Krystyna’s mother asked some compatriots to go look for her daughter to find out if something had happened to her. The girls went to the Corte Nardi villa on two occasions that day and, after repeatedly calling the girl, they climbed over the gate. They entered through the back entrance, which they found open and with a key inserted from the outside of the door. Inside the house they did not find their compatriot, but only the little dog from which the girl never separated. After searching for Krystyna in vain, they climbed over the gate again, taking little Kasper away. After this passage, the ex-wife of Gonzalez Negrim arrived in the house on November 4, with the intention of taking personal effects for the ex-husband inmate. She didn’t even find the girl in the house, took her ex-husband’s personal effects and left. Following the complaint filed on November 9 by a lawyer hired by Novak’s mother, the police carried out an initial inspection. The interior of the house, although dirty, appeared in order, the keys to the Novak house, the keys of Gonzalez Negrim’s car, and all the girl’s identity documents in a bag were found on a cabinet. As the presence of the documents inside the house appeared unusual and incompatible with a plausible voluntary removal of the girl, the investigations were immediately started, the prosecutor opened a file for kidnapping. The investigations were launched at 360 degrees. The civil protection research began and the rooms adjacent to Gonzalez Negrim and Novak were sifted: the room, where the girl worked and where she had met her partner, the Ukrainian compatriots, the neighborhood. To offer an important investigative and highly collaborative contribution to the investigations was, right from the start, the same Gonzalez Negrim who, questioned several times in prison, has always provided consistent information subsequently found, as reported by the investigators. Upon learning of his companion’s disappearance, the man immediately made himself available to the investigators, telling of the relations with the neighbors and with those who might have had a grudge against the girl and the couple. He told of the relationships with Lupino, which began in February 2020, first between mere landlords and property tenants, then, taking advantage of a story that ended badly between Gonzalez Negrim and another ex-girlfriend in July 2020, Lupino gradually became more and more part of the life of the Spaniard, up to the proposal, made by the Florentine, to enter the business of illicit. Subsequent investigations allowed the police to ascertain that Lupino had killed the 29-year-old Ukrainian, after learning from Gonzalez Negrim his will to get out of the criminal circle he had ended up in.



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