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Italy yellow zone, regions towards white zone: what changes


Italy yellow zone today, with restaurants open, free travel and generally less stringent rules, then from June white zone for the more virtuous regions. Meanwhile, at least for now, the red and orange zones disappear from the map of the country. The latest color change with the transition to the currently lowest range of covid risk will almost certainly concern the Aosta Valley, the only region still in the orange zone. After the reopening announced by the Draghi government with the latest decree, the color change that will bring all of Italy to the yellow zone should be effectively sanctioned today by the data of the weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health. VAL D’AOSTA TOWARDS THE YELLOW There should be no surprises in this sense. The latest regional bulletin of the Aosta Valley recorded 18 new infections and no deaths in 24 hours. The data are comforting also looking at the new parameters set by the government, from the incidence of infections with respect to the total population to the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area and in intensive care, a ward that currently does not host covid patients in the region. We are moving towards the confirmation of the yellow zone for all the other regions of Italy. Now projected, also thanks to the good progress of the vaccination campaign, to the achievement of another goal: the white area, where all activities are open and the curfew does not exist (only mask and distance remain). WHITE ZONE FROM JUNE, THOSE WHO APPLY To reach this goal, it is necessary to have an incidence of less than 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and a low risk of contagion for three consecutive weeks. Some regions are applying as of now: these are Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia, which to date already have numbers and parameters compatible with the absolute lowest risk range but which will still have to wait for the beginning of June. In any case, the white zone would not be an absolute novelty for Sardinia, after the parenthesis of last March. From 7 June, then, Abruzzo, Veneto and Liguria could also land in the band with fewer restrictions.



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