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Vatican, Marogna: “Ready to be heard by Copasir, I will not oppose secrets”


New twist in the Vatican investigation that sees Cecilia Marogna, the manager from Cagliari who became known in the news as the ‘lady of the cardinal’ for her relationship with the former deputy of the Secretariat of State Angelo Becciu, who commissioned her with some intelligence activities on behalf of the Holy See complete with a letter of introduction, dated November 17, 2017, in which he certified that Cecilia Marogna “provides professional service as a geopolitical analyst and external relations consultant for the Secretariat of State – General Affairs Section”. Marogna, according to what Adnkronos learns, now says she is ready to be audited by Copasir, announcing that she will no longer place any secrets or vetoes by virtue of the functions performed in favor of the Vatican Secretariat of State against any governmental authority intending to listen to her. The manager also asks the Vatican judicial authority to proceed “without delay” to celebrate the trial or, on the contrary, to declare the criminal proceedings opened against her by the Office of the promoter of justice terminated. In particular, Marogna, accused by the Oltretevere magistrates that he spent 575,000 euros on luxury goods that would have nothing to do with his office, writes to the office of the investigating judge of the Vatican Tribunal through his consultant, the international law expert Riccardo Sindoca, part in the document, which Adnkronos was able to view, Marogna complains, “as the mother of a minor daughter (who suddenly lost any economic support)”, of having suffered “considerable financial damage and personal “, without however ever having learned” of any formal and / or informal grievance regarding the execution of the functions and tasks assigned and always regularly carried out, with professionalism, and according to the main directives received, and exclusively given by the Vatican Secretariat of State “. According to the defense college of Marogna,” if celebrated in compliance with the due guarantees “, the trial would be the only valid instrument for arrive at “a real and not ‘fictionalized’ factual truth” of what happened, given that “the continuation, to this day, of the unjust judicial pending” is “intolerable” and “illegal” also considered “the declarations, publicly issued also to the broadcast of Rai 3 Report by your ‘more than well-known official’, Francesca Immacolata Chouqui, “who” were, according to what emerged from the media, at the origin of the entire unfortunate affair “. The consultant also mentions the the fact that the Marogna “will be called, if necessary, to have to appear before the Copasir in the coming days” and underlines the uneasiness of this “unfortunate situation” which prevents the Marogna “from search for possible additional job positions “, underlining that” no emolument has been paid to her anymore, despite the fact that no office, task or assignment has never been officially revoked by the Secretariat of State, much less paid any severance pay “. Finally, Marogna, “not wanting and not being able to suffer further problems and judicial vicissitudes nor to be involved, in spite of itself, in institutional political troubles with their native state, foretells that it will no longer place any secrets or vetoes against any governmental authority, in by virtue of the functions performed in favor of the Vatican Secretariat of State “.



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