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Molise, Toma: “Insulted while I was at the restaurant, my collaborator in the hospital”


” I was sitting at the table with a close associate of mine, Maurizio Tiberio, and we were eating, in a family environment that I know well. At one point two young people running passed our table insulting me in a shameful way, uttering words taken by social networks against me. I called the police and my collaborator got up to figure out who they were and one of the two gave him a head on the nose, sending him to the hospital ”. It is the story of the attack suffered today at 2 pm in a restaurant in Campobasso by the governor of Molise, Donato Toma, and by one of his collaborators who had a 10-day prognosis. ” Immediately afterwards the police arrived and the two young people continued to insult me, ” Toma told Adnkronos again. The two attackers are about 20 years old. ” I send a hug to Tiberio who was with me and who suffered a physical attack that could have worse consequences. As for me, I make an appeal for the umpteenth time: let’s lower the tone, these episodes are also the result of an escalation of unjustifiable verbal violence which then becomes uncontrollable. I understand the fatigue of the population after 15 months of the Covid emergency but together we have done a lot, our little Molise has resisted better than many other regions ” says the governor. ” I emphasize addressing in particular the political forces in a subdued tone: we are one small community, if all united we row in the same direction we become stronger. Let’s forget the hate spreaders, let’s forget the defeatists, let’s defend Molise for good, the Molise that works, that produces silently that daily between sacrifices and good will, goes on. We are that Molise and we say no to violence, no to intimidation, we go on stronger than before ” scans the governor of Molise.



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