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Yellow zone, rules from Lombardy to Lazio. Orange zone empties


Yellow zone throughout Italy or almost, from Lazio to Lombardy, from Veneto to Campania, with rules for free travel, restaurants open for lunch and dinner and curfew for everyone (again) at 10pm. Only Valle d’Aosta seems destined to remain in the orange zone, with stricter measures and prohibitions, based on the data of the ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring, the decisions of the control room and the possible ordinance of Minister Roberto Speranza. Sicily and Sardinia should leave the orange band and reach the yellow zone with the latest ‘old style’ monitoring. REQUESTS FROM REGIONS Next week, in fact, new parameters could arrive to define the status of the territories, as requested by the governors. The regions are pushing to overcome the current RT parameter that weighs on the system of red, orange and yellow zones. The presidents, apparently, asked to take into consideration the hospital Rt index and to introduce the system of risk zones linked to incidence: 50 cases per 100 thousand would be a low risk indicator, 150 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants would be medium risk . Above the threshold, the risk is high. Molise, Sardinia and Friuli Venezia Giulia could be placed in perspective under the low risk threshold, therefore in theory in the orbit of the white zone. at 0.89, up from 0.85 in the previous survey. There was a slight decrease in the incidence, which stood at 127 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, compared to the value of 146 recorded in the monitoring 7 days earlier. Last Friday’s report highlighted “a general improvement in risk”, “with no regions at high risk” while “six Regions and Autonomous Provinces” recorded “a moderate risk classification and 15 Regions and Autonomous Provinces that have a classification of low risk “. COOKER Regardless of the color of the area and the rules, the curfew at 10pm still applies to everyone. The topic has been topical for days and will be discussed further in the coming days. “I hope that next week there will be an extension of at least an hour or even 2 hours. And I believe that the month of June could be a month in which to consider the possibility of abolishing the curfew”, said the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, guest of the program ‘Let’s see ourselves’ on Tv2000. “We must be convinced of what we are doing – added Costa – otherwise we will lose credibility. If every month we administer 15 million doses of vaccine, it means that from here in July we will administer 45 million which, added to the 25 million already administered “, bring us” to over 60 million vaccines. So I believe that at the end of July we will be in an important immunization rate that will also allow us to consider the hypothesis of remove the masks outdoors “.



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