Newborn almost suffocated by envelope, parental authority suspended

The parents of a 5-month-old girl, hospitalized since last June 6 at the Gaslini in Genoa, where she arrived directly from the Sassari hospital with a military flight, are registered in the register of suspects. The little girl, who lives in a Roma camp in Sassari, was found by her mother unconscious and with a bag on her head. After the first aid at the Santissima Annunziata it was necessary to move to the pediatric neurology department of the Ligurian hospital. The parents, who have three other children, were unable to explain what happened to the newborn: for them, in addition to the investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sassari, the request for suspension of parental authority was submitted to the Juvenile Court. Among the other hypotheses on the field, it is not excluded that one of the brothers, who was with the baby at the time of the discovery, used the bag for a game.

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