Covid, Bornigia (Piper): “Government gives green light for at least 3 weeks to reopen”

“Yes to green pass but no mask on the track because it can be a serious damage to health. If they impose it, many discos will not reopen as it is an impracticable rule and it cannot be the responsibility of the managers to enforce the rule. It is permissible to request it. only where there is no physical activity “. He talks about it with Adnkronos Giancarlino Bornigia, president of Asso-entertainment for Lazio and one of the owners of the Piper, a historic Roman nightclub. Bornigia also expresses himself on the reopening date of the discos determined by the go-ahead from the Government: “We are at the end of June and it has not yet been defined with certainty. If it were today, before the third week of July it will be impossible to reopen with all the authorizations in rule, because it takes at least 3 weeks running to complete the bureaucratic process. Provided that – he notes – the place has not already been authorized. I hope the aid promised by the Government will arrive.

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