Vaccines Lazio Covid, Pfizer age 12-16 after 15 August

Covid vaccines in Lazio, the administration of the Pfizer product for the 12 to 16 year age group postponed due to the reduced doses available to the Region. “Due to the national reduction of Pfizer, in July compared to June, it will not be possible at the moment to be able to continuously guarantee the supply to pediatricians of free choice for the age group 12-16 years. The administrations will be able to take place regularly at starting from after August 15th onwards at your pediatrician, who will be sent all the necessary doses, corresponding to the reservations, we recommend at this stage to collect the availability of families “. This was communicated in a joint note by the councilor for health and social and health integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, the secretary of Fimpe, Teresa Rongai; the regional secretary of the Cipe-Sispe-Sinspe federation, Teresa Mazzone. “The inevitable decision stems from an objective situation throughout Italy. We recall that up to now in the 12-16 age group over 50 thousand administrations have been made, of which over 40 thousand in the two recent junior openings in June, for which they are recalls guaranteed. For particularly fragile situations, pediatricians can contact the Bambino Gesù hospital “, they conclude.

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