Mayor of Milan, Paragone is a candidate: “I’ll be the surprise”

“I try to be the ram, we will be the outsider, the surprise. This is an all-round political candidacy and is innervated with a city that has a great political vocation”. Gianluigi Paragone, journalist and senator, leader of Italexit, thus presented to the press his candidacy for mayor of Milan, together with the former Lombard councilor Massimo Zanello and Francesca Gentile, jurist among the signatories of the appeal to the TAR against the Lombardy Region for the reopening of schools in the orange zone. “It will be a strongly political and ideological electoral campaign – explained Paragone – in which we will point the finger at those who for us are evil, the culprits: we give the Milanese the opportunity to vote or the natural allies of that world we don’t like , then the Democratic Party and some pieces of the center-right, or try to trust someone else “. Paragone stressed that in the coming months “we will have to deal with cities that have seen poverty increase by 30% with Covid” and that the Covid emergency “forces everyone to take measures with a trade that must be defended”. In this regard, Paragone remarked, “we are on the side of true catering and against the delivery model, which is not a virtuous model and ruins workers and healthy catering”. Among the strong points of the program is the chapter houses: “today the new large buildings are an asset available to the funds while in the suburbs we slaughter ourselves to pay for a house – remarked Paragone – we humiliate ourselves with pocket money instead of salaries”. While on the green and mobility theme, “if it is to be a fashion we leave it to the jocks – pointed out Paragone – we have a different model from Montigny and Sala”. In Milan, the senator pointed out again “the average income of the club in the VIP area that elects Sala is 5 times higher than that of the suburbs, which are the places where the greatest cuts occur, where health facilities are removed and houses are an optional and politicians go every five years when they have to be re-elected “. According to Paragone, Milan needs a different candidate than the outgoing mayor:” they say that Milan is European and that our proposal is out of sync, faded, which has a reference to past but we do not like this modern model – he stressed – Lucio Dalla said ‘Milan close to Europe, Milan that banks that change’ already in 1979 but the banks were not the finance that eats the real economy. Today the financial world it has entered a kind of golden share and is the owner of Milan “. Still quoting Dalla, Paragone then emphasized the immigration theme: “Dalla said ‘Milan at your fingertips, he asks you a question and he answers you in Sicilian’. This makes us understand the migratory spirit that only when it gives chances becomes a virtuous migration. When immigration becomes a way to fill the suburbs then it is just another way that the jocks have to wash their soul, conscience and hands, and this today is the politics of the center left “. On the subject of the stadium in Milan, however, “if it is a question of giving new commercial spaces to Milan and Inter I say absolutely no”. In the coming weeks, Paragone finally announced the composition of his team will be revealed, “There will be surprises – Paragone warned – we already have the team and the names”.

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