Madame after social storm: “ I take pictures with everyone but if you are not my fan respect me ”

” If you haven’t listened to the record or if you haven’t taken the cd or the ticket or if you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t done anything for me don’t make me get up while I’m eating for a photo. I am Madame 24 h only for those who use me for music, for the rest I am a 19-year-old Venetian grumpy ”. Thus the Venetian singer-songwriter and rapper Madame in a Tweet published yesterday and then canceled by addressing a fan who had asked her to take a picture together. A post that has sparked numerous social controversies that have forced the singer-songwriter to clarify her statements. ” I’m here to clarify myself, especially with my audience – says the young artist who has just returned from the success of Sanremo 2021 in a video posted on her Instagram stories – If a controversy starts from my words I think it’s partly my fault. On Twitter I was trying to clarify what a relationship with fans means to me, or you buy the record or come to the concert or you know what I’m talking about. The list could go on but on Twitter the characters are limited but we have the stories on Instagram. The fan-artist relationship is sacred and absolutely personal – Madame emphasizes – I think a fan of mine with whom I have a relationship would not interrupt while I eat with my family to ask me for a photo, I’m sure he would wait for me to finish dinner because it’s a moment intimate and disrespectful to interrupt. It is evident that at that moment I am not working, it is not Madame, I am the daughter of a father and aunt of my niece ”. Then Madame clarifies: “A person approached me while I was having dinner and told me: ‘I don’t follow you, I don’t know who you are, but I saw you in Sanremo can we take a picture?'”, But despite this the rapper she explains: “I took that picture because I consider myself polite, I got up and smiled. Whoever you are I get up and take the picture. But I make a small appeal: if you don’t know me, have at least a little respect for me ”. To take the field in defense of the singer is Selvaggia Lucarelli who under the Tweet ‘indicted’ and then deleted comments: ” Madame wrote, perhaps in a somewhat rough way, something that is perfectly lawful and shareable. Kindness is not due to fans as fans but to kind people. Being grateful to fans doesn’t mean allowing fans to look at you like an animal in the zoo, abuse your courtesy, disturb you while you’re eating or making a phone call. Especially if they are not fans of yours, but of popularity in a general sense – adds the journalist – Of the animal at the zoo, in fact, whether it is a giraffe or a monkey. I am always kind to everyone, or at least I try, but I see a lot of rudeness. Who asks me for the selfie and pretends to decide ‘but do you take off your glasses?’ or who wants me to take off my mask and take it off, for the photo. And I: ‘No sorry but I keep it’. And he: ‘Daaaaaai’ ”. And again, adds the journalist: ” Who asks me for the photo while I eat and I ‘ok’ – says Lucarelli – and then: ‘Yes, but can you get up from your chair? Who asks me for the photo, I nod and say: ‘Yes but you can come there that the background is more beautiful?’. Who doesn’t like himself in the selfie you just took, chases you and: ‘Let’s do it again, sorry? Who comes there, begins to look at you and aloud, perhaps while you eat: ‘Ahoooooo’ wait who is this? ‘Ndo I vistaaaa?’, And you are embarrassed. Then someone tells him and comes to ask you for your photo – Lucarelli continues – Which is more or less what happened to Madame, if I understand correctly. People who don’t follow you, who don’t appreciate your work, so a Madame is worth an Albano or a Tommaso Zorzi. I have even happened to people who asked me for the photo saying: “Remember your name? Well, it’s not that someone who asks you for a photo is necessarily kind and it’s not that kindness is due anyway because ‘you are Madame because you have fans’. No – he underlines – you are Madame because you have talent, the fans are a consequence. If you are not even a real fan, but just a rude person who wants to post the photo on social media with the giraffe, I do not owe you anything . Madame wrote it rougher, but she wrote it right. And at 19 she understood more things in life than you do so if you are famous you just have to kiss the hand of someone holding a phone ” .

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