Green pass covid Italia, “on the app to also go to the disco”

The covid green pass in Italy also on the app. And it must also be used to go to the disco. Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri on Sunday In answers the questions on the ‘pass’: how to get it, how does it work? “The Immuni app or the IO app can be used,” says Sileri, reiterating that the green pass will indicate who is vaccinated, who has tested negative for a swab in the last 48 hours and who has recovered from the disease. “Europe will start with experimental models now, then it will become a reality for all of Europe from July 1st. I hope everything is better than Immuni, which started off on the wrong foot. I believed very much in Immuni, with the green pass it will be all different “, says Sileri. “Today the green pass is paper, then there will also be an app. Not everyone in a family has had the vaccine yet, I believe it is necessary to guarantee at least two free tampons a week for families to be able to travel”. “My idea is that if we have a green pass we must believe it and the green pass must give access to greater freedom. With the green pass we must also be able to dance: I don’t see how much risk there is in returning to normal if there are vaccinated people , buffered or who have had covid in the last 6 months. We use the green pass, perhaps reducing the number of people “, says Sileri. “The point is that there is often a lack of controls in Italy. But if we have more than half the population vaccinated and young people continue to get vaccinated, the chances of finding someone who does not have a negative swab or is not vaccinated become very low”.

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