Accumoli earthquake, all acquitted due to the collapse of the bell tower

The single judge of the Court of Rieti, Giovanni Riccardo Porro, acquitted all the defendants in the trial for the collapse of the Accumoli bell tower following the earthquake of 24 August 2016 in which an entire family died. The former mayor of the town, Stefano Petrucci, and the engineer Matteo Buzzi because the fact does not constitute a crime, the architects Pier Luigi Cappelloni, Angelo Angelucci, Mara Cerroni, the engineer Alessandro Aniballi and the surveyor Giuseppe Renzi because the fact does not exist . “It’s a shame. There were four deaths and they were all acquitted. The Italian law says that my brother died for himself.” So in the courtroom the relatives of the victims. “It was a battle and we will be ready for the next ones, for us there must be justice. These things must not happen, let’s go on”, Andrea Tuccio’s sister-in-law, who died on the night of August 24 together, told Rieti Life. to his family, wife and two children, in the collapse of the bell tower on his home. “The process was not easy, he suffered the pressure of the media, the question of human and moral closeness to a completely exterminated family. It is easier to condemn than to acquit and Judge Porro has shown great balance and courage. It is a fair sentence because it is the result of a particularly balanced trial. That poor family to which I confirmed the moral closeness of the mayor and my staff was not exterminated. from the hand of man but from a natural phenomenon and this is what a court of the Republic tells us “. So at Adnkronos the lawyer Mario Cicchetti, lawyer of the former mayor of Accumoli Petrucci.

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