Poste Italiane at the European month of diversity

In collaboration with Postenews Poste Italiane participates in the European Month dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion planned by the European Commission to raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion at work and in society throughout the Union. The aim is to systematize the efforts made by organizations and companies to promote diversity and heterogeneity in the workplace, creating inclusive professional environments. The Company plays a fundamental role in affirming and respecting these rights, as demonstrated by the signing of the Charter for Equal Opportunities in the broader EU Diversity Charters Platform Community protocol, which since 2010 has made it possible to share best practices on the subject. and inclusion represent one of the eight pillars of the “2024 Sustain & Innovate” Strategic Plan: the correct enhancement of the different needs expressed by people in an inclusive key is considered an enabling factor for individual involvement and engagement in corporate objectives, whose conscious management creates an advantage competitive for the company itself and a shared social value. Gender, disability, generations and interculturality are the four dimensions to be protected and on which to raise awareness with concrete and pervasive actions. Diversity and Inclusion Policy drafted with the aim of outlining an approach c hiaro in terms of mission, strategy and practices and able to generate social value in the workplace and for your business. The policy, to guarantee an operational declination of its contents, led to the establishment of working groups that involved the entire company with the task of developing a structured plan of initiatives, associated with performance indicators in line with the strategic objectives of reference. Poste Italiane has also signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles, the initiative promoted by UN Women and the Global Compact to support gender equality worldwide. And he participated in “4Weeks4Inclusion”, an inter-company project that for four weeks involved the staff of 27 large Italian companies on the issues of diversity and inclusion.

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