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Tumori, Segatti (Strength and smile): ‘With fundraising alongside patients’


Oct 22, 2021

“Since 2007 La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus has been organizing beauty workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals and associations throughout Italy. With our entirely free and interactive laboratories, we show them how to improve their physical appearance, especially the face. how to take care of the skin and how to put on make-up. Small weapons to help them in this difficult and critical moment. They are given a Beauty Bag with a selection of products from the various cosmetic companies that support the initiative and that allow them to carry out the 13 steps of the beauty laboratory, ranging from cleansing the face to the last touch of lipstick or blush on the cheeks. In 14 years of activity The strength and the smile Onlus has helped over 18,000 women in about 4,000 meetings, thanks to the commitment of 500 volunteers . And we will be alongside these women also with Beauty Gives Back Digital Edition, the fundraising event in favor of the non-profit organization which, also thanks to the patronage of Cosmet ica Italia – national association of cosmetic companies, supports our projects “. This was stated by Anna Segatti, president of La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus, who adds: “For the second year Beauty Gives Back has a digital look. With the pandemic, in fact, in 2020 we had to make do with an online version of the initiative that however, it had the advantage of reaching more women throughout Italy. In 2021, thanks to the numerous feedback received from the many people who follow and support us, we have chosen to renew and partly reinvent the digital appointment “. The beauty laboratories of La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus “help to improve the self-esteem of these patients thanks to a recovery of their image – underlines Segatti – by masking the secondary effects of therapies. In this context, creams, foundation, lipstick and blush become unusual allies to regain one’s appearance. In 2 and a half hours in the laboratory the patients do not think about the disease, but only about themselves “. Beauty Gives Back Digital Edition will open its virtual doors on Monday 25 October: by clicking on the portal https://beautygivesback.it/, all those who wish can make their contribution to the Onlus with a donation and receive a bag with cosmetic products directly to home. “We have created richer and more assorted Surprise Bags with quality products for those who want to support us with a donation. I thank in advance all those who choose to participate and invite their friends and acquaintances to do so. The closeness and generosity of the de The strength and the smile amaze us every time “, concludes Segatti.

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