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Brosio: “From The Jakal colossal misunderstanding, Pecchini respectable person ‘


” I find it absurd what happened to Pecchini. What happened is a colossal misunderstanding! I have been friends with Pecchini for 40 years, he is a decent person and has healthy Christian values, he is polite and a true gentleman. He would never allow himself to insult a woman. You can’t make such a case break out by putting a man in the pillory for nothing. “So Paolo Brosio at Adnkronos strongly defends Gian Luca Pecchini, general director of the National Singers, after the denunciation of Aurora Leone of The Jackal. Brosio who has reached the National Singers because he was invited to organize his’ ‘traditional event in August – he says – that I do every year with the National Singers”, he says he did his job as a journalist by informing himself and trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts: ‘ ‘She (Aurora Leone, ed) says that Pecchini would have said to her:’ You are a woman and you cannot stay here ‘but I spoke to him and it is a total misunderstanding. He could not stay there not as a woman but because she she had not been called up in the National Singers team and sat at the table of the National Singers. So much so that he said to her: ‘Move to the table next to you’, and in fact they did so. “It is not right to put a Cross on a person that does not has never offended anyone – Brosio emphasizes – It is enough for one to get up in the morning and report something that you pass for infamous and are denounced. I am amazed that other singers did not defend him, it is clear that they did not understand the dynamics of the facts ”. “Due to a clamorous misunderstanding – the journalist reiterates – the issue was fired on social media and has become a case that should be dismantled immediately. Pecchino has been leading the National Singers Team for 40 years helping all categories, human, social and religious. The basis of the National Singers Team is inclusion and solidarity. This is why I am against the Zan Ddl, it is so generic that you risk that Whatever you say, you are prosecuted. So at this point everything must be gagged ”, he concludes.



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