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Criticism of ‘Domina’, the historian: “No inaccuracy, unjustified controversy”


In the fiction ‘Domina’ broadcast by Sky “the dynamics and facts that characterized the period were very carefully taken into account. There are no historical inaccuracies such as to upset the events, and the general framework within which the characters move. is faithful “. This was stated at Adnkronos by the historian Alessandro Roncaglia, Sky historical consultant for the ‘Domina’ series, which ended up at the center of criticism and controversy for the reconstruction of the characters, in particular with reference to the figure of Augustus. “Then, of course, the reconstruction takes place, because we know what the characters did in that period, but we don’t really know the ‘how’, that is, how the facts took place in the concrete, at the level of interpersonal relationships – explains Roncaglia – Those represent the space to add, invent, hypothesize. It is the frame that is real and the dynamics within which the characters, largely real, move and add elements to the story are real. “Obviously, explains the expert,” some licenses are granted because we are talking about a fiction, but the story is perfectly respected in the dynamics “. And as regards the criticisms of some characters, in particular the outline of the figure of Anna Bolena, played by the black actress Jodie Turner-Smith, or of Augustus, portrayed according to many as a cowardly turncoat, the historian’s consideration is that ” when we talk about a well-known historical figure it is a question of expectations: when there are characters of a certain type, we imagine them in a certain way, and these expectations lead to as many preconceptions “. For example, explains Roncaglia,” the ‘muscular’ image of Augustus that is in people’s imagination is not real, it reflects a historiography of our time. But, on closer inspection, Augustus was never a muscular figure, on the contrary: today we know how frail he was in health , even chilly, he never really fought and indeed, in the decisive fight of Filippi of 42 he was behind the curtain and runs away “. So “he is a strong man in a different way. He is strong from a political point of view, he is unscrupulous, he is also a turncoat, as he is defined, he is a man capable of riding events and determining them”. also another observation: “Let’s not forget that when he enters the scene in the ‘Domina’ series he is 19 years old, and is in an authentic tank of sharks and titans, far more experienced than him. to determine a series of events, to take things in hand and to change the course of history. This aspect is enough to show that the way in which it has been seen and criticized is totally wrong “. For Roncaglia, therefore, “it is therefore a change of perspective: instead of looking at history from the point of view of Augustus, one looks from the point of view of Livia Drusilla”. To conclude, “as an enthusiast, I can say that it is something that gives me great pleasure that there is this interest in how these historical aspects of fiction are developed. Observing and studying is a great enrichment”, explains Roncaglia.



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