Salvatore Esposito bids farewell to Genny, the curtain falls on ‘Gomorra’

“Goodbye Genny. In these cases it is never easy to find the right words. I simply want to thank all those who made all this possible 8 years ago. Now you will have to wait a bit for ‘Gomorra 5’ but know that, as always , it will be worth it! “. Salvatore Esposito took leave with a post on social media from the character who led him to success and gave him the international limelight: Genny Savastano, the scion of the powerful Camorra family, protagonist of the series, together with his friend and antagonist, Ciro l immortal, played by Marco D’Amore. The actor has finished filming ‘Gomorra 5’, the season that will close what is probably the most internationally successful Italian series of the new millennium, sold on all continents, and which should debut on Sky at the beginning of 2022 ( the broadcast dates are not yet known). Esposito also published a video to express his emotion: “I recently returned home, tired but happy. Happy and sad in having to say goodbye to Genny Savastano, in having to say goodbye to ‘Gomorra – La serie’. But at the same happy time for having had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project 8 years ago “, added the actor thanking the casting directors, directors and producers who” decided to give me this opportunity “:” I will never stop be grateful to him “. “Know that Genny will always be an important part of me”, said Esposito, who in the meantime has become a star also in the USA, where ‘Gomorra’ is broadcast by HboMax (right now the debut of the fourth season) and where he entered last year, right on the wave of the success of ‘Gomorra’, in the cast of the series ‘Fargo’. In February, also the other great protagonist of ‘Gomorra – La serie’, Marco D’Amore, who of the fifth season he is also a director together with Claudio Cupellini, he had greeted the series with a post: “The unity of Love has finished Gomorrah 5: months of effort, nights after nights, one after the other. We have always found a valid reason to go forward: me, my crew and my actors. Soon everything will be in the hands of the public “, he wrote adding a hashtag in Neapolitan,” #nunsapitechevaspett “(literally” he didn’t know what awaits you “), which alludes to the great hits of scene that will close the television story of the protagonists.

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