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Codacons thanks Fedez: “He quotes us in ‘Inhuman’, now everyone knows us”


Nov 25, 2021

“Did Fedez mention Codacons in one of his passages? Our heartfelt thanks go to him: in this way he allows us to make our intense consumer protection activity better known, and to a vast audience, which will now allow us to defend with even more the rights of citizens are incisive. ”This was stated by Codacons to the Adnkronos, after having learned the news that the rapper has inserted in one of the songs of ‘Inhuman’ some verses that refer to the ‘quarrel’ between Fedez and the association. “The Codacons – adds the association – actually takes the opportunity to appeal to all the Italian influencers, to promote the association’s activity by helping it to increase civic defense actions and the rights of the weakest, starting with advertising the 2022 calendar ‘Where there is heart there is home’ created by Codacons and launched a few days ago “. A calendar, underlines the Codacons,” which, through 12 shots in which the non-traditional family is told, promotes id rights of the LGBT community and combats discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity “. “We hope – concludes Codacons – that Fedez will be the first to accept the invitation. Just think that in 2020 alone Codacons presented over 250 complaints, complaints and various documents regarding the Covid emergency, which led to investigations by prosecutors from all over Italy and Antitrust against scams, speculation on prices, fake anti-Covid products, suspected deaths, omissions in the health sector, delays in the supply of vaccines, and other irregularities to the detriment of citizens denounced by the association “.

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