• Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Fedez plays them at Renzi and Codacons in ‘Inhuman’


Nov 25, 2021

Matteo Renzi’s dig at Saudi trips and the mockery of Codacons and the countless complaints suffered by the association. For ‘Inhuman’, the new album out tomorrow, Fedez has chosen to give up the traditional press conference preferring self-promotion and even the autospoiler. So, after the guerrilla marketing campaign played on his ‘descent into the field’ and on the parody of that of Silvio Berlusconi in 1994, with posters praising the worst negative values, the rapper gave some ‘live’ taste of the new album, making people listen in short videos on his Instagram stories some verses that have not gone unnoticed. Sitting next to his wife Chiara Ferragni, Fedez announced with an overlay a “Spoilerino al gusto di querelina” and played a verse from a song, which reads: “My wife and I are all exhausted, all wishes fulfilled, like Renzi when he took 80,000 Saudi petrodollars ”. ” This was the first reaction: shock “. Just on a trip to Saudi Arabia, Fedez had already attacked Renzi via social media a few weeks ago, accusing the leader of Italia Viva of not having been present in Parliament the day the Zan bill was ditched: “But the Renzi who proclaimed himself paladin of civil rights is the same one who seems to have flown to Saudi Arabia today while the Zan bill was ditched? To celebrate freedom of speech, are we organizing a scrabble match with Kim Jong-un? “, he wrote ironically on Twitter. Now the rapper has decided to sing them to him. But the self-anticipations do not end there: announced with the words “spoiler suffered”, the reference to Codacons and the endless disputes with the rapper also arrived: “I’m really euphoric, the Codacons has not yet sued me”, sings the rapper in a another little taste published on Instagram. Also here on the title of the song only clues that lead to think that it is the song ‘La Cassa Spinge 2021’, made with Crookers, Myss Keta, Dargen D’Amico. But the track list contains several titles, including unpublished ones, that intrigue: ‘Un giorno in magistrale’, ‘Faith and Hope’, ‘Stupido Stupido’ (in which according to the rumors circulating online there would be another play on words ‘politician’, “It is not a country for saints, for madmen, for Craxi”), the song ‘Vittoria’ dedicated to his daughter, ‘Look what you make me do’, ‘Vecchio’ with Dargen D’Amico, ‘Out of trouble ‘with Cara,’ Notte Brava ‘,’ The mothers of others’ with Tananai. To listen to them all, together with the already known ‘Morire Morire’, ‘Bella Storia’, ‘Sapore’ with Tedua, ‘Bimbi per strada’ (Children), ‘Meglio del cinema’, ‘Mille’ with Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti, ‘ Problems with everyone (Giuda) ‘and’ Call me by name ‘with Francesca Michielin, just wait until tomorrow (actually 1 am between Thursday and Friday), when the album will land on all platforms and in stores. by Antonella Nesi

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