• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Green pass work, Trieste dockers: “With extension to 30 October ready to discuss”


Oct 14, 2021

Green pass work, if the government extended the obligation to “we would comply” until October 30, “it would make no sense to block the port tomorrow”. “It would be a smart move to take some time and then find a solution.” Thus Alessandro Volk, member of the board of the Trieste port workers coordination, on the eve of the strike in port, explaining that the dockers are “determined” but “always available to discuss with anyone”. Read also In the meantime, the prefect of Trieste Valerio Valenti during the meeting with the Security Committee, held today, on the eve of the first day of strike proclaimed by the Trieste Port Workers Coordination (CLPT), reported Il Piccolo underlined that “Whoever participates in the blockade of the port to the bitter end called from Friday 15 October by the Trieste Port Workers Coordination is committing a crime, in this case the crime of interruption of public service”.