Omc, Ravenna for three days as the capital of energy

Ravenna for three days European capital of energy. At the Pala De Andrè of the Romagna city, the WTO, the Mediterranean conference on energy, is underway, the first appointment in attendance after the pandemic in which all the main players in the energy sector are discussing the major issues that are on the global agenda for here to the next decades. From transitioning to a future with fewer emissions and sustainable growth, to climate change. “The challenge for the future in terms of renewables is to ensure their growth – explains Alessandro Puliti Chief Operating Officer Natural Resources of Eni – we have a goal of having installed 60 GigaWatts from renewable sources by 2050 and achieving this target. is fundamental in our decarbonization strategy. “Less fossil fuels and more renewable energies are the common goal of all the players working in the energy field, so creating a system becomes fundamental.” Everyone knows – continues Puliti – that renewables are sources intermittent and non-programmable and therefore must be implemented with energy sources that instead can overcome this difficulty at least until it is possible to put into action ‘energy storage’ systems (conservation) clearly gas generation will still have a very important role “. The only way to allow the planet to regenerate and naturally absorb CO2 is the conservation of forests. In the event of excessive deforestation, all objectives for the next few years will not be achieved. “On this we have important targets – continued Puliti – 40-50 million tons of CO2 per year absorbed by 2050. This is a very important aspect because the lack of forest conservation risks undermining all the efforts made for decarbonisation. “. Pandemic chapter. These months have affected all sectors, including the energy sector. But both in terms of strategy and activity in the field, the sector has not suffered any slowdown. “I can guarantee that Eni has never stopped – concluded Alessandro Puliti – we have continued to work with safety protocols for workers, and the effort towards the energy transition has not stopped either”.

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