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Avedisco, 327,660 sales representatives, 24% are under 35


Despite the digital evolution of our society, direct selling is confirmed as a ‘physical’ model, capable of giving value to businesses and consumers, while keeping the interpersonal relationship at the center. This is what was recalled today during the 9th Direct Selling Forum promoted by Avedisco-Association of Direct Sales Service for Consumers. In fact, it is no coincidence that, today, the sales representatives of the Avedisco member companies are a total of 327,660 (data 2020) and represent the success of a sector that fascinates and allows immediate inclusion for all those who want to make the ability to interact, ability to manage one’s own time and knowledge of new technologies a working reality rich in economic but above all human satisfactions. It is no coincidence that 24% of those in charge are under 35, while 70% are women, testifying how the direct sales sector can represent an opportunity in terms of self-employment.



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