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Scooter and electric bike policy: when and which one to choose?


Also make sure when you go by bike or electric scooter (even in sharing)? It is possible, but it is not always worthwhile to have coverage that lasts for months: there are temporary policies even for those who do not use these means every day. To help choose the most suitable policy based on how much they are used is the analysis of Altroconsumo. Parliament is discussing the idea of ​​making insurance mandatory for electric scooters as well. In any case, choosing to make sure even when taking micro-mobility vehicles such as bicycles and scooters (even if they are shared) remains the best choice to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. But which policy to subscribe based on your habits? If the attendance is continuous, so to speak every day or almost, an annual coverage can be useful, otherwise you can evaluate a temporary one for one day, three days or a week. Altroconsumo analyzed the rates for each policy, annual and temporary, and the main coverage. A step to take before signing a policy that also includes two-wheeled vehicles is to check the insurance already taken out, to avoid duplication. A motor liability policy, for example, could also include coverage for means other than the one insured. Once the policy has been identified, the contract must be read carefully, in order to evaluate which protections it offers and in which cases, the maximum amounts offered, the deductibles and what to do in the event of an accident (for example the required documentation) and so on. Annual and temporary policies have different characteristics and objectives: the annual ones can cover different means of transport (for example, bicycles, scooters, scooters and cars owned or shared) and can be individual or, with a single policy, insure the entire family. Temporary policies allow you to insure the vehicle even for just one day, but not all means of transport are included. For example, with Europe assistance, in the NoProblem mobility policy, extended roadside assistance is provided for Gold and Premium vehicles only for owned motor vehicles, for example for cars, scooters, motorcycles, while it does not apply to motor vehicles. rental in sharing. With Ibl Banca – TraffiGo you have legal protection in the event of an accident and also for damage suffered as a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger to cover legal costs in the event of disputes. With Sara for scooters you can only insure civil liability, whether they are owned or shared. For Allianz global assistance My mobility and Yolo, short-term policies, to ensure you must indicate the means you intend to use and the premiums last one day with the chosen means. Europ Assistance’s annual Bike NoProblem policy. Otherwise, the discount is 10%: simply register on the Altroconsumo website.



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