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Curfew Italy, Crisanti: “I am always consistent on no to risk”


The front of those who see it possible to overcome the curfew in Italy is enriched – with openings even by the most rigorists. “I do not express myself on micro-management, on the single measure of the curfew, but I make a general speech and I can only say one thing: I am consistently averse to the risk of others and mine”. Virologist Andrea Crisanti remains “consistent”, explains to Adnkronos Salute, while in the country the debate continues on when and how to ease the anti-Covid measures. “If I feel disproved by the declining Covid numbers? Apart from the fact that we have to wait a little longer for an evaluation of the numbers and effects of reopening, it is not that we are right or wrong depending on the forecast. We are taking public health measures: even if the numbers proved me wrong, I would have been right in taking a risk-averse position, “he added. Read also In particular, today the curfew ends under the spotlight, the overcoming of which is no longer seen as a distant goal even by the most intransigent. The positions of the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua have often turned out to be among the most cautious. But the expert has repeatedly reiterated that he has claimed the importance of “supporting decisions with scientific evidence”. “I have always taken a position averse to risk. I do not believe in economic reasons”, insists Crisanti, who proposes a parallelism to convey the idea. “Suppose a person goes to the hospital and has a surgery whose procedures are known, outcomes and effects. If we want to compare this “to a situation on the Covid front” it would be the choice to open in GB when the transmission was low and there was already a high percentage of vaccinated. Then the same person goes to the doctor and this says: for economic reasons we propose an intervention never done before, but we have considered the risk. Well, would you do it? I don’t think so. their skin “.



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