Del Core opens its first resort store in Porto Cervo

Del Core opens its first resort store in Porto Cervo, on the Promenade, with a specially dedicated concept. The result of the dialogue between the creative director, Daniel Del Corte and Rev / Studio, as part of a retail expansion strategy, the store is conceived as a laboratory and revolves around the juxtaposition of artifice and nature. “This inauguration – explains Daniel Del Core – is an important first step for the maison and I am happy that it will take place in Italy, where we are based, in a special and significant place like Porto Cervo: a magical tourist destination that attracts a cosmopolitan and sophisticated public. with whom we speak “. The store is characterized by a language of transitions which, according to the spirit of the brand, harmonizes the wonders of nature with human invention. The scientific spirit of the project is revealed by the showcase, a filter between inside and outside, and a living theater defined by a diaphragm of revolving columns that regulate the visual discovery of space and emit the collections, images of campaigns and videos on stage. interior of the shop is based on a mathematical grid, floors are made of satin concrete, the walls and the illuminated ceiling amplify the presence of the grid pattern. In the entrance, the walls of the gallery are composed of a sequence of reflective steel panels while a delicate touch of bone, Del Core’s distinctive color, alters the reflection of the mirrors. The walls, on the other hand, are enriched with expressive tables in Corten steel finish. The furniture and free-standing elements are conceived as tools. In the dressing rooms there is a tatami floor in Japanese-inspired cotton fiber and a triptych mirror that enrich the tactile and visual grammar of the store. The Porto Cervo store will remain open for about six months a year, from mid-April to mid-October and anticipates that of the first flagship store in London, whose opening is scheduled for autumn 2022.