‘Those good girls’ on Sky: Mara Maionchi, Sandra Milo and Orietta Berti to conquer Spain

The most ‘transgressive’ and unforgettable holiday of life is not only that of the Maturity. Mara Maionchi, Sandra Milo and Orietta Berti, who are leaving for a never-before-done road trip, teach us this: ‘Quelle brave donne’, arriving on Sky and streaming on Now from Thursday 19 May. The first postcards from this memorable adventure – the promo and the photos are released today: they are irresistible images, already destined to become cult. ‘Quelle brave donne’, a Sky Original production created by Blu Yazmine from an idea by Mara Maionchi, will take these three absolute protagonists of the Italian show around Spain, involving them in some extraordinary and other more daily activities, in experiences for them outside. from the municipality, in traditional local events. All this will allow the 3 ‘good girls’ to get to know customs, cultures and places far from them but above all to allow themselves a holiday that is truly memorable: they will eat paella and tapas and walk in the most famous streets of Madrid living them by day and ‘by night’ , they will try on the most traditional clothes of Spanish culture, they will discover secret local customs, even going wild in a rock concert.From Thursday 19 May on Sky Uno and streaming on Now, Mara, Sandra and Orietta, authentic and beloved legends in the Italian showbiz, they will live an adventure made of taste for discovery and desire for fun, but also of sincere friendship and mutual respect. On board a very special van driven by their handyman driver, ‘Those good girls’, gathered under the same roof for an incredible journey far and wide in Iberian land, between local customs and traditions but not only will tell the viewers how the desire to have fun and have new experiences does not really have an age, and how three characters with amazing professional careers are once again able to reinvent themselves, always meeting the affection of the public.