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Giusti (Link Campus): “From today classrooms and laboratories become Hybrid Learning Spaces”


Nov 26, 2021

“The Academic Year we are about to open is not just any year. Rarely has an entire community, in harmony with the people of their own country, been more charged with hopes and expectations than now”. Thus the rector of Link Campus University, Carlo Alberto Giusti, inaugurated the Academic Year 2021-2022, today in Rome. The introduction of the ceremony, which takes place at the University Gymnasium in Via del Casale di San Pio V, was entrusted to the former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, deputy president of the Council of State and Program leader of the master’s degree course in single cycle in Law at Link Campus University. The guest of honor of the day will be the President of the Constitutional Court, Giancarlo Coraggio, who will give a lectio magistralis on the “division of jurisdiction and the sentences of the Constitutional Court”. “During the ‘aggression’ of the virus, with its dramatic consequences, – Giusti recalled – our University was able to organize itself promptly. The lockdown did not interrupt the network of our community for even one day: lessons, relationships, comparisons, seminars were held in new ways. We refined tools and technologies. We specified innovative procedures and methodologies. Thanks to this effort, today the distance learning we have experienced is a new, additional resource for the future, alongside the essential return to activities here, in the presence, in our splendid Campus. The University, thanks to its innovative and inclusive vocation, has introduced an original interactive, multidisciplinary and collaborative didactic model “. “Starting from the Academic Year that we inaugurate today, all the classrooms and laboratories of Link Campus University become Hybrid Learning Spaces, a new frontier of teaching that our University has adopted among the first in Italy and in Europe. A model therefore of hybrid teaching, the result of a specific research carried out in the last year, which allows teachers to effectively carry out all the activities both with the students present in the classroom and with those who use the contents remotely “, announced the rector.” Not we closed in on ourselves, waiting for the storm to pass – underlined the rector of Link Campus University -. We had, however, the courage of “open doors” to Europe, the United States of America and the rest of world, strongly confirming our international vocation. There are 30 different passports present among our students. gold day between courses, study and high-level sports practice “. To them are added our students engaged in the world of sport at a competitive level. In recent months some of them have prepared for the Olympics and at the same time have attended lessons and taken exams. I also greet the medalists in Tokyo who have recently signed up. Our attention to this world is now a consolidated tradition, also thanks to the renewed institutional partnership with the Italian National Olympic Committee “, added Giusti.” This morning we have the honor of having the President of the Constitutional Court Giancarlo Coraggio, who he will hold an important Lectio Magistralis. The importance of the institution it represents, its function, its personal path make it a precious resource for the country and a clear reference for our students, who are preparing to be the new leaders of tomorrow. I declare the Academic Year 2021-2022 of the Link Campus University officially open: the 23rd of our young history “, concluded the rector.

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