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Koh-Lanta 2021, The legend: which candidate was eliminated on Tuesday? – Telestar


Tuesday, October 5, 2021, a new candidate was eliminated from Koh-Lanta 2021, La Légende. After having just reached the island of the banished, Candice had to face Ugo and Clémence. One of his three adventurers has definitely left the game.

This is the great novelty of this Koh-Lanta 2021, The Legend. When an adventurer sees his torch being extinguished, Denis Brogniart leaves after being chosen to leave the adventure by the other candidates, he has the choice to return home or to join the island of the banished. However, this option is only known when one is normally eliminated from the game. The latest to join him is Candice. After being betrayed by Christelle and Coumba, she therefore found Ugo and Clémence, the two eliminated candidates still in the running to return to the adventure during reunification. On this beach where there is nothing, they have to fight in trials to stay alive. This time, the three of them had to stack balls on top of each other, interspersed in supports. To add to the challenge, Denis Brogniart asked them to balance on a beam.

It is Ugo who is the first to have succeeded in stacking five balls. He was followed by Clémence. It is therefore Candice who was definitively eliminated from this exceptional Koh-Lanta. A great disappointment for the sportswoman who confided in the columns of Star TV. She didn’t expect to be betrayed by the girl clan. “I was really surprised. At no time did I expect to leave. At first, I didn’t think Coumba had voted against me at all. I thought it was Phil so even at the revote time I thought Sam was going to leave. I did not expect it at all, but I was very disappointed by Coumba, and also by Christelle“, he confided before recounting his experience on the island of the banished.

Candice enjoyed her time on the island of the banished

We are really on our own and since our future depends on our performance in the arena, there is no pressure related to strategy. It’s really healthy. “

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