Coronavirus ONLINE: EMA gave the green light to the third dose of one of the vaccines –

Most importantly:

– New division of districts from 4 October. Green disappeared, the burgundies multiplied

– In the classroom during classes drapes are no longer mandatory

See the current map of confirmed cases in Slovakia and ONLINE statistics

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20:31 – ECONOMICS: Next year, a deficit of 4.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) is expected. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič (OĽANO) before the extraordinary meeting of the coalition council.

Planned budget revenues for next year are 20 billion euros and ministers asked for an additional 6.6 billion euros. However, according to him, the ministers did not come up with a solution from where to get the funds.

“The rules vis-à-vis the European Commission oblige us to submit a deficit proposal of 4.3%. With the fact that for next year the so-called. the consolidation effort was zero. This means that we do not save, but we do not change extra. The only change in the budget would be because the state of the economy will improve, companies are doing better and we are spending less on measures for COVID-19, “he said. (TASR)

19:06 – PREŠOV REGION: Pupils of individual classes of seven secondary schools in the founding competence of the Prešov self-governing region (PSK) learn distance learning for covid. As Daša Jeleňová, a spokeswoman for the region, stated for TASR, in the case of the Secondary Vocational School (SOŠ) of the Polytechnic in Humenné, this applies to one class.

There are three classes in the Business Academy in Poprad and the Joint School in Stará Ľubovňa, six classes in the Secondary School of Education in Prešov, four classes in the Grammar School in Stropkov and two classes in the Business Academy in Vranov nad Topľou and the Secondary Industrial Technical School in Bardejov.

17:50 – HOAX: Ministry of Health draws attention to the myths surrounding coronavirus vaccination. One common statement is: “Vaccines spread the virus just as unvaccinated people.”

17:09 – SPUTNIK V: Russia has stated that he is ready to submit the documents on an unregistered coronavirus vaccine called Sputnik V.

16:48 – THIRD DOSE / PFIZER: The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has agreed that people over the age of 18 administered a third dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. (TASR)

15:53 ​​- RECOVERY PLAN: Milestones set in the recovery plan, on the basis of which Slovakia may request payment from the European Commission (EC) can only be delayed by political will. This was stated by Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) during Monday’s press conference (TASR)

15:19 – AUSTRALIA:The city of Melbourne achieved a record in the total number of daysduring which a lockdown was introduced. Its inhabitants have survived a total of 245 days since the beginning of the lockdown pandemic, which is more than the inhabitants of any other city in the world. (TASR)

15:14 – INSURANCE: The state will pay less for its policyholders this year. According to the current tax forecast, the payment for state policyholders is to be reduced by more than EUR 232 million to EUR 1.2 billion. (TASR)

14:46 – AUCTION: Despite joining the euro area, Slovakia has on average lower inflation than in the euro area which it could have in view of the catching-up of more advanced economies.

14:09 – KOŠICE: The hospital in Košice’s Šac currently has five patients with covid who need oxygen treatment, one is on artificial lung ventilation, one is on high-flow therapy. The director of the hospital, Pavol Rusnák, informed about it.

“Over the past week, 1,002 antigen tests were performed at the hospital’s mobile collection site, nine of which were positive, representing a positivity of 0.9 percent. As for RT-PCR, 502 tests were performed, of which 24 were positive, which represents a 4.8% positivity, “he said. (TASR)

13:55 – ENERGY: Gas and electricity prices are rising. However, it can only be an “appetizer” to what awaits us.

13:14 – VACCINATION: “Data from real use have shown that vaccines can also help reduce the likelihood of transmission – especially in the first months after vaccination. Although this effect has weakened with the advent of the Delta variant, it is not true that vaccinated people are as likely to spread the infection as non-vaccinated people, according to the Ministry of Health.

He tries to refute the frequent claim that “vaccinees spread the virus as well as non-vaccinees.” “It is not so,” the ministry writes on the social network.

13:02 – PREŠOV: The JA Reimana University Hospital with Polyclinic (FNsP) in Prešov has occupied most of the 40 beds set aside for patients with COVID-19. (TASR)

12:34 – ŽILINA: A spokeswoman for the Žilina hospital speaks of a critical deterioration of the situation in connection with hospitalization and the development of the health status of patients with covid-19.

“Over the past week, the number of admissions of patients with COVID-19 began to increase significantly, last weekend alone we accepted 17 new patients from Friday,” says Lenka Záteková.

Currently, 38 people are hospitalized in the COVID pavilion, their health condition is deteriorating very quickly in many cases, and 9 people are already required to be connected to artificial lung ventilation, 8 of whom are in critical condition.

Three quarters of the total number of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated.

12:26 – NOBEL PRIZE: The Nobel Prize was not won by scientists who developed the vaccine against covid-19, but by scientists who discovered the receptors responsible for temperature and tactile perception.

11:52 – KOŠICE COUNTY / GRADUATES: The Košice self-governing region has announced a competition for high school graduates in order to encourage young people to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The winning prize in the Hviezdna stužková competition will be a graduation party with a popular performer, DJ, stand-up comedian or moderator, whom the region will provide. (TASR)

11:36 – CZECH REPUBLIC / SLOVAKIA: From Monday, the Czech Republic requires a test and self-isolation from unvaccinated Slovaks. (TASR)

11:19 – KOŠICE / HOSPITAL: They were recorded at the L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice in September 31 victims of covide. “These are extremely high numbers. As many as 92% of covide patients are not vaccinated, the dangerous delta variant takes its toll. Many deaths could have been prevented if patients had been vaccinated, “says hospital director Ján Slávik.

10:33 – CANCER / ACCIDENT: The participant in the accident near Trstín had a COVID-19, intervening firefighters are quarantined. (TASR)

10:28 – NEW CASES: The most positively tested RT-PCR tests were in the Košice region (133), followed by Bratislavský (41), Trenčiansky (30), Žilinský (22), Prešovský (19), Banskobystrický (11), Nitriansky (10) and Trnavský (1) .

There are 127 men and 140 women among them.

10:17 – VACCINATION: In Slovakia, 2,457,689 people have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine so far, and 2,259,761 people have received the second dose of the vaccine.

10:13 – HOSPITAL: He is hospitalized in hospitals 606 patients with or suspected COVID-19 disease, almost 84 percent are not fully vaccinated.

Compared to the previous day, the number of people in hospitals did not change.

There are 70 patients at JIS, 62 people need the support of artificial lung ventilation, more than three quarters of them are not vaccinated.

10:11 – ANTIGEN TESTS: She had a positive antigen test 206 people, more than 78 percent of them not vaccinated.

10:08 – DEATH: It came eight confirmed deaths and covid-19. The total number of victims of the pandemic has already reached 12,676.

10:04 – PCR TESTS: Yesterday, 2,223 laboratory tests were completed. They managed to capture them 267 positive tested. Of them more than 71 percent were not vaccinated

9:53 – RUŽOMBEROK: The city informs people who need a certificate of antigen testing in Ružomberok that they can use the services of two test sites.

The first is located in the vaccination center at 12 Považská Street and the second in the MUDr. Zory Zdráhalova on Bystrická cesta 16.

9:46 – NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand has decided to abandon its coronavirus pandemic strategy, which has sought to eliminate the number of cases to zero. Instead, New Zealanders must learn to live with the virus and control its spread, especially through vaccination. (TASR)

9:18 – BRITAIN: United Kingdom from Monday cancels covidsemafor. It has introduced simplified travel rules. (TASR)

9:07 – CZECH REPUBLIC: The Czech Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, does not anticipate that his ministry will have to tighten anti-antidote measures in the next two weeks. On Sunday, 314 positive testers were detected in the Czech Republic. They have 204 hospitalized in hospitals. (Thu 24)

8:53 – THIRD WAVE / STATE EXPENDITURE: The third wave of the new coronavirus pandemic will bring higher spending on sickness benefits and, conversely, savings on unemployment benefits. This follows from a new forecast from the Institute of Financial Policy (IFP).

A reduction in spending will also bring a pandemic in the area of ​​old-age pensions, which may be due to the excessive deaths of this group of the population. (TASR)

8:44 – KRIMI / HOAX: Police are searching for the identity of a woman who claims in an audio recording that from October 1, all test rods are impregnated with Covid for the intentional spread of the disease and that unvaccinated infected patients are secretly treated with Ivermectin.

“These are extremely dangerous fake reports,” police warn. People who know the owner of this voice ask the police for help.

8:28 – TRENČIANSKE STANKOVCE: Before starting primary school on Monday, the pupil is tested with a home antigen self-test for covid-19.

4photos in the gallery

Testing the student with a home antigen self-test, October 4, 2021
Source: TASR / Radovan Stoklasa

4photos in the gallery

Testing the student with a home antigen self-test, October 4, 2021
Source: TASR / Radovan Stoklasa

4photos in the gallery

Testing the student with a home antigen self-test, October 4, 2021
Source: TASR / Radovan Stoklasa

7:54 – GERMANY: In Germany, there were a further 3,088 cases of covid-19 and seven deaths. (Robert Koch Institute)

7:38 – CZECH REPUBLIC / SLOVAKIA: Slovakia has a red color in the Czech covid traffic light since Monday, which determines the degree of risk of infection. For comparison, neighboring Poland is still green in this traffic light.

4photos in the gallery

Czech covid traffic light
Source: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

6:51 – ŽILINA: Today, a memorial linden tree for the victims of the pandemic will be planted in the Ľudovít Štúr Park in Žilina. Representatives of the Real Real Victims OZ, direct survivors, the mayor of Žilina, Peter Fiabáne, and the medical director of the University Hospital with the Žilina Polyclinic, Igor Bízik, are to take part in the planting.

6:39 – VATICAN: Three members of the Vatican Swiss Guard who refused to be vaccinated against a new coronavirus, they voluntarily left the councils of the Pope’s bodyguards and returned to Switzerland. Urs Breitenmoser, a spokesman for the Swiss Guard, told the AP on Sunday. (TASR)

6:26 – SCHOOLS / WASHER: Since Monday drapes are no longer mandatory for pupils of primary schools (primary schools), special primary schools and pupils of the first four years of secondary schools with an eight-year educational program. The exception only applies in the classroom during classes. (TASR)

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