Dominika Gottová’s harsh statement to Ivana’s widow: A shootout for the 2nd anniversary of Karel Gott’s death… We are lying! –

After the death of her father, Dominika Gottová tried to apply in the Czech Republic, but in the end she decided to save her relationship with her husband Tim and moved back to Finland with him. And from there she also reacted to Ivana Gottová’s statement on the second anniversary of Karel Gott’s death. In the reaction, which she also sent to the Topiek editorial office, she definitely did not put a napkin in front of her mouth.

“He writes that my father was afraid that the media would go to Ivana after his death. His fear was justified, after all that Mrs. Gott had caused him psychological worries as she cut him off from friends and threatened him with divorce until he stopped meeting his lifelong friend Alice Kovács. He confided in me everything, “ Dominika wrote.

Ivana further stated that the media have an understanding of her and her daughters. “I understand the girls, so I understand her. After all, her court assistant, Mrs. Aneta Stolzová, does everything to prevent the Czech media editors from writing what Mrs. Gottová is doing. ” surprises Charles’ daughter. And she did not miss the opportunity to give a few examples.

“For example, how he worships my father’s legacy. That he is not interested in the place of his parents’ last resting place in Újezd ​​u Svatého Kříže, where he wanted to be buried, as he himself entrusted to me, complicates the commemorative projects that are being prepared and, last but not least, how he intervenes in his father’s decisions, ” Dominika continues.

Karel allegedly promised her mother during her life that she would contribute to a room in a nursing home – it was CZK 5,000 a month. “According to my mother, my father wished that this fee would be sent from his estate even after his death. It happened until this July, when the fee stopped going without justification for Ivana Gottová, ” Gott continued. “You don’t read about this in the Czech media, because Mrs. Gott is doing everything she can not to write about it. The same goes for her relationship matters. “

Karel Gott with his wife Ivana
Karel Gott with his wife

Source: Karel Gott Agency

She also admits that Ivana was with her father until the last moment, but … She was his wife, so she thought it was her duty. She is also aware of her own mistakes and that she has not made it very easy for her father in the last months of her life, but she would have liked to be “So you know there are things I just can’t overlook.”

“About the lies about me that I wanted to take photographers to my hospital’s hospital, which Mrs. Gott had written in her father’s book My Way to Happiness, not to mention.” Dominika added, adding that she was going to the Czech Republic in mid-October, when she also plans to properly honor her father’s memory at the grave in Malvazinky.

Karel Gott with his daughter Dominika
The harsh statement of Dominika Gott

Source: Dominika Gottová / Last years with Karel

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