Shocking RESEARCH: High vaccination does not automatically mean less CORONAVIRUS –

According to the authors of the article, Israel with more than 60 percent vaccination coverage had the highest number of coronavirus infections per million population among the countries surveyed during the observed week.

In the US, researchers have noticed significant differences in the number of new cases within highly vaccinated districts. However, the number of new cases did not decrease significantly with increasing vaccination coverage. For example, among the five most vaccinated districts, where the proportion of fully vaccinated ranges from 84.3 percent to 99.9 percent, the US Centers for Disease Control and Spread (CDC) has identified four as districts with a high level of infection. Among the 57 districts with a low level of the spread of the disease, more than a quarter of the districts have vaccination rates below 20 percent.

Source: TASR – Ján Krošlák

In the light of the research results, the authors called for a reassessment of vaccination as the primary tool in the fight against covid, especially with regard to the spread of the delta variant and the likelihood of further mutations. According to scientists, in addition to vaccination, attention should also be paid to other pharmacological and non-pharmacological means, such as hygiene support, distance adherence or cheap testing. They noted that, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the effectiveness of two doses of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against infection is only 39 percent, compared to the 96 percent announced. Recent data also show that immunity after infection is stronger than after administration of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.

Shocking RESEARCH: High vaccination

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Maya Alleruzzo, File

Although vaccination protects against the severe or even fatal course of the disease, the CDC reported an increase in hospitalization rates from 0.01 percent to nine percent and an increase in death levels from zero to 15 percent in fully vaccinated patients during the first five months of this year.

In conclusion, the authors of the research appeal to the authorities that in an effort to increase vaccination, they should avoid the stigma of the unvaccinated, which according to them “can do more harm than good”. They call after reusing the above-mentioned non-pharmacological agents at “balancing life with COVID-19, just as we have been living with different seasonal variants of the 1918 influenza virus for a hundred years“.

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