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Three-quarters of a million Slovaks have almost lost their social security! But after their collapse, do not look for an increase in child allowance by 38 cents, but rather one unpleasant Monday. Sunday

The word “social” no longer means just benefits, services and insurance. For some time now, our networks have been dominated by networks that have allowed themselves to misuse the term socially. And since they really reign among people, they logically need some queen. What a queen, straight queen! Ideally one that has more voyeurs than the official queen. Although also Zuzana.

Don’t take our princess!

As we know, one of the most watched influencers succeeded in a piece of hussarism – it occupies the headlines not only of verified tabloids, but also of serious news websites. And ľaľa, also fejsbuky Slovak police officers.

And although the media and social bomb has not yet exploded in the autumn, it must be acknowledged that NAKA is probably not knocking on the door to write off the state of the gas meter. However, we would rather use the almost folk statement of Peta – Fall to whom you fall. People’s lives in the media are often one fast drive at full throttle. And across solid lines.

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People’s internet is disguised. Someone like that.

Source: Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos

Zužu, of course, is not the first or last “celebrity” to whom, apart from St. Petra will be overtaken in advance by some JUDr. Let’s remember Cinkot, Cosby or currently R. Kelly. And having Lance Armstrong’s poster on the wall in the nursery turned out to be a nice trumpet over the years.

Socially popular spouses have tried out what it is like to take a shower for 2 days, what is the difference between Dubai and CPZ, and that – by the way – getting 60,000 followers in four days is really possible. Life goes on happily, just those who have been prosecuted by their fans so far are already being prosecuted at large. And they will comment on everything exclusively on Instagram. Logical and tactical, so that Žužu may soon reach a million.

Oh, what big “eyes” he has! Watch…

Paradoxically, we, the spies and the envious, should learn. So sorry, followers. There is one old mobile joke that perhaps best describes the current trend of Instagram: “I see your future – I see a great car, a beautiful woman, a luxurious villa, a huge swimming pool next to it. And yes, I also see you staring at it all through a hole in the fence. ”

On average, one in seven Slovaks was interested in the life of a relatively simple influencer and her cheerful husband, and if we omit children, seniors and non-instagramists, this number may be even “threatening” lower. There are two reasons. Either they do it really well, strikingly, inspiring and once they publish the book “From Čadca to Smotánka”.

Or are we really such an undemanding nation that has little to adore, love, share, and discreetly envy? Do we just have to learn to manage our time for social fun wisely, because we obviously have too much?

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On the other hand, it must be admitted that times are depressing and uncertain, so the people also need influencers of “carousels”. They will offer a little cheap entertainment, consumption, competitions, a chain carousel and maybe even cotton candy. Just an instagram Senzus that will not offend, amuse and attract even the common people. Of course, all this with a collagen flavor, because modern jelly seems to be the gold mine of Slovak Instagram.

By the way, even those celebrities are not what they used to be in the old analog days. At that time, he had to make a couple of feature films, sell out at least a winter in Žilina at the concert and have his poster in Brava. Today, all you have to do is be better endowed with hardware than software and prefer oil and a white couch instead of a red carpet (are you gagging?).

You watch, he profits

Another joke. More instructive than funny: The boss comes to work on a new Ferrari. He comes to a loyal employee and says seriously, “Do you see him? Well, if you continue to work honestly, do your homework, not be afraid of overtime and work over the weekend, then in a year, maybe sooner, I’ll buy one more. ”

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“Analog” celebrities had a harder time

Source: Pixabay / WikiImages

Humiliating, isn’t it? Well, we are our own cheap workers in our factories’ factories. As the unnamed moderator says – your likes are my wings. So move on, even though it’s a free weekend, let’s have a nice time. Like, share, admire and shop. And here and there looking through that hole in the fence. With a little luck, they may also bring their new car and a cut chihuahua into view.

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