The end of a popular park with animals? The amendment to the law aroused passions: Envirorezort claims that everything is different! –

Many visitors to several private farms with popular wildlife have not been surprised in recent weeks. The reason is an amendment to the law from the workshop of the Ministry of the Environment, which was approved by the government last week. It envisages that private farms, such as Malkia Park in Orechová Potôň or the Siberian Tiger Oasis in Kráľová pri Senci, will no longer be able to breed selected animals, such as bears, felines and primates.

Source: SITA / Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo Safari Park via A

“The reason for introducing these bans is in particular the interest in contributing to the prevention of commercial activity with selected species of felines, bears and primates by private and commercial breeding establishments. The reason for introducing a ban on the keeping of selected species of these groups of animals is also an effort to prevent the penetration of breeding specimens and their products into the illegal trade. ” it is written in the law.

Exceptions will include pre-designated facilities, in particular zoos, facilities operated by a person involved in a care program or detention centers whose activities fall under state regulation and control.

What about the subjects themselves?

These entities are regularly visited by a large number of customers who praise the animals and are happy to come and see them again. At present, they are solving a serious problem which, according to the owners of the facilities, can significantly limit their operation.

Many of us ask us whether the amendment to the law, which is to ban the private breeding of carnivores in Slovakia, applies to us from the new year. Yes, this also applies to us, as we are also private breeds. Maybe among the better ones, but we belong, “ wrote from Malkia Park on social network. As they added, they try to take care of their wards as best they can, spread enlightenment and teach visitors about the life of the animals, not only in captivity but also in the wild.

We try to draw attention to the threats and risks they face today, such as the loss of the natural environment, illegal hunting, illegal trade and much more., ” pointed out that a number of rescue stations for large and small carnivores can be found throughout Europe. These usually come from unsatisfactory conditions, circuses, illegal shops and the like, and such animals cannot reproduce because they do not know their origin and history.

By law, rescue stations for local wild animals currently operate by law. In some cases, these animals are released back into the wild after convalescence, but some no longer have this option due to disability. There is NO possibility of returning to the wild with large felines and other exotic animals born in captivity. That is why this function in Slovakia is taken over by legally approved zoos, which, however, also currently do not have enough new premises for the admission of other individuals., ” explained the park. They also said that private owners breed lions and tigers, regardless of whether they have enough new space for them or not. The station has its castrated individuals.

The end of the popular park with

Source: FB / Malkia park

Several problems

Those that still exist in the wild must be protected! How? It is very difficult because MAN has made sure to reduce their territories, MAN has made sure to kill them for their own needs or just for fun, MAN has made sure to catch their food… MAN is to blame, and therefore MAN will have to remember to avoid the extinction of other species and their subspecies… For this reason, WE ALL have a moral responsibility to participate in the rescue of these animals, but that rescue takes place primarily in the wild, they wrote critically. According to them, some species could be prevented from becoming extinct in captivity, pointing to past experiences when a species was pre-extinct, in captivity it only prolonged its life before it became extinct, because the species was not allowed to mate in captivity. . In private farms, however, such a possibility is often lacking. They also pointed to another problem.

“Je there is inbreeding and many times the Siberian tigers are crossed with the Bengal ones or the lion crosses with the tiger, which is absolutely unnatural!“They explained. However, admitting that they agreed with the ban, they pointed to the experience of several developed countries where lions, tigers, bears and monkeys cannot be bred. “We will do everything we can to meet the conditions for the status of a zoo and to be able to continue and even more intensively participate in the protection and assistance of all animals., “ concluded.

30 years of experience thrown in the trash

The Siberian Tiger Oasis solves the same problem. Its operator, Yveta Iršová, wrote on the social network that the amendment to the law will throw her 30-year experience in breeding felines into the trash. I have visited many zoos, even abroad, but I have never seen such beautiful and majestic Ussuri tigers as they are in our Oasis in any zoo. This is also confirmed by the statements of all our visitors. We are the largest breeding station in Europe for these beautiful animals, which can only be saved by breeding in captivity, because they have never been in the wild. “ she explained.

The end of the popular park with

Source: FB / Oasis of the Siberian Tiger

She added that the Ministry of the Environment allegedly threw logs at her feet for years. According to her, none of the animals were taken from nature, but were saved after a change in legislation in Bohemia, where circuses were banned from performing by tigers. Others, on the contrary, were bought out of the hands of breeders who could no longer handle the breeding.

The tigers have found their new home, peace, care and veterinary care here. Such a home to live in peaceful old age. We also managed to give birth to young tigers in the Oasis, which have lived their whole lives in our country. Please, let us not be ruined by the decision of people who are just going to implement proposals from the EU, or like Mr Hojsík, they want to prove something. “ she concluded by helping people fight against the amendment.

Ministry: It’s different found out how it really is. According to the envirorezort, the legislation does not apply only to the mentioned subjects, but to all those private farms owned by selected exotic animals. However, as they explained, this does not mean for operators that they will have to abolish farms immediately after the legislation comes into force. We remind you that the animals that already have these private facilities in their possession will be able to keep them for life and the farms will not have to dissolve them., ” from the ministry. In addition, according to them, the ban on keeping will not apply to animals that were born to the breeder from 1 January next year to the end of June next year.

The end of the popular park with

Source: FB / Oasis of the Siberian Tiger

And that “with to ensure that pups born during a given period which were likely to be conceived before the entry into force of the prohibition on tenure are not considered to be kept in breach of this Act, ” explained that the legislation had gone through the standard legislative process and that all stakeholders had the opportunity to comment on it. They added that the ministry’s experts met with representatives of breeding facilities and heard their views on the topic, explaining to them the obligations and facts that are introduced by the amendment to the law.

At present, the amendment to the law has yet to be approved by parliament. The aim of the legislative change is to prevent the penetration of reared animals and their products into the illegal trade, especially in felines, which are in danger of extinction in the wild as a result of such trade., ” concluded by the Ministry.

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