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Jadot’s proposals (here September 28) against violence against women

POLITICAL – “The numbers remain overwhelming.” Yannick Jadot co-signs, on the website of Figaro, a forum on the subject of violence against women with the newly elected environmental senator, Mélanie Vogel.

“We are already counting 88 femicides this year. Each year, 220,000 women are victims of violence from their spouse or ex-spouse, and 40,000 children are co-victims. Disabled women are more than twice as likely to be subjected to violence ”, the two authors argue in this text published on Friday, October 1, recalling the chilling data of sexual violence:“ There are 10 rapes per hour in France and 99% of them go unpunished. 90% of victims are women, 96% of rapists are men. ”

For them, “it had to be the great cause of the five-year term (…) And yet, the fight against gender violence and discrimination is progressing so little. ” So, beyond the observations, the candidate chosen by EELV and its partners to bring political ecology to the spring 2022, makes several proposals.

– Specialized police and justice

Citing Spain as an example, like many feminist associations, Yannick Jadot proposes, first of all, “to set up a specialized police and justice system, with initial qualifying training”, because “our judicial system too often participates in perpetrating symbolic violence and trauma. ” And the two environmentalists put forward the training time dedicated to these questions: “8 months in Spain, for three hours today in France.”

– Change the definition of rape

The signatories also propose to review several legal provisions to better fight against this violence. Those of the Civil Code relating to protection, on the one hand, so that it “can be granted as soon as the violence is probable and no longer conditional on the existence of a ‘current danger’, very difficult to prove. ”

And revising the definition of rape, on the other, so that it is “finally determined by the victim’s lack of consent.” “An international obligation that France has taken by ratifying the Istanbul Convention and which remains unfulfilled”, they write.

– A gendered budget

Finally, Yannick Jadot and Mélanie Vogel explain that they want to combine the fight against sexual violence “with the fight for real equality at all levels.” They thus propose to establish “legally real parity within companies, in assemblies, in the media”. And to “set up a gender budget”, as the Lyon municipality (EELV) has done, “in order to guarantee”, among other things, “that enough public funds are used to fight against gender discrimination.”

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