Plačková and her husband after RELEASE: Who they met –

The couple came out of court accompanied by their lawyer on Thursday just before 4.30 pm. Lawyer Martin Pohovej took them to their apartment in Ružinov, where René’s brother was already waiting for them. Everyone greeted each other warmly, and René still managed to light a cigarette with the lawyer. Shortly afterwards, Zuzana went to a well-known shopping center, where several saw her standing in front of a branch of a mobile operator. And she confirmed again that she had everyone on the hook, because she had parked her Brabus in a place for electric cars.

The picture shows René Strausz and his lawyer Martin Pohovej.


A few hours later, René also had his first “likes” on Instagram. “These were my worst four days in my life. I want to thank everyone, we are, thankfully, here, I have a lot of positive reports, nice reactions. I want to thank especially my family, friends, gentlemen. I’m finally going to eat now after three days, “ he said with tears in his eyes. Zuzana also added a short video from the bed to the store at night. “Rene, I love you even more than ever,” she wrote.

Peter Pulman, a judge for the preparatory proceedings of the Specialized Criminal Court Pezinok, was released. The order of 30 September 2021 states that the lawyer stated that the prosecutor’s proposal in relation to the merits of the accusation is vague to abstract, based only on general allegations, especially unsubstantiated allegations, which are so vague that they cannot constitute criminal liability. accused. The place, time, manner, or other concretization of the alleged drug crime is not clear. It is not clear to whom René should sell cocaine, which implies, and it is not clear in which network of meth dealers he should participate. It is not clear who, how or why the accused should influence, nor is it clear what should be the fear of collusion, especially in situations where, in addition to his wife, he knows only one accused, even accidentally.

René Strausz


Zuzana Plačková stated that she was wronged because she has a high enough income and is not dependent on her to sell drugs. Its monthly income is 100,000 – 200,000 euros. It comes mainly from the sale of collagen, nutritional supplements, its collection of clothing, cosmetics. In addition, it provides companies with cooperation in the form of competitions, paid advertisements for their products. It cannot rule out that someone wants to destroy it on purpose. She is an honest person, a motivator, she motivates people to be honest. She herself pays the full amount of VAT from her companies, which is 40,000 – 50,000 per month, her motor vehicles are registered for the company and for leasing. Last year, it had a turnover of 1 million euros, and this year it reached this limit in the middle of the year.

Lucia Kurilovská – specialist in criminal law

Kurilovská Lucia

Source: Miroslav Miklas

“With Zuzana Plačková and her husband, the judge stated that the resolution itself was not sufficiently substantiated and thus no longer decides whether there is a reason for detention, because he stated in the resolution that there are certain shortcomings. Despite the fact that there was one proposal from the prosecutor, the judge decides, but each one separately. Because even though a group is organized, everyone has a certain share in that group and thus a share of guilt. For some, the reason for the detention may be quite clear, as it could continue the crime, and for some it may not seem so. But when the allegations were made, there was a sufficiently reasoned conclusion that they were likely to have committed such a crime. The prosecutor also saw the reason for the detention, but only the judge decides on the detention. But that doesn’t mean something is over now. It will be proved further. The prosecution is still ongoing. “

Matej Snopko – former criminalist

Former criminologist Matej Snopko.

Source: Ľubica Pajtinková

“Keeping someone in custody is useless unless they are in danger of hiding, continuing to commit crime and influencing witnesses. These are three things. We used to do this by trying to secure evidence as soon as possible, and if these three things didn’t happen, then there’s no reason to keep them in the base. If the investigators are clear that he will not go, he will not hide, we must trust those gendarmes to know what they are doing. Being held in custody does not serve as a punishment, but this act serves to prevent the accused from disappearing and hiding, from manipulating witnesses and destroying evidence, and from continuing the crime. Unless this is fulfilled, these people will not do it and investigators have this view, then detention is not a punishment. It is said, we will leave her in the base to break nicely and sing, but today it is simply not the case that you can do it freely as under a socialist dictatorship. “

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