Audiences: “César Wagner” leader in front of “Dance with the stars”, Patrick Sébastien in shape on C8 – OZAP

In this last evening of the week, France 2 seized the head of the hearings thanks to the return of its detective series “Cesar Wagner”. The unpublished show with Gil Alma, broadcast until 10:40 p.m., captured the attention of 4.21 million people according to Médiamétrie, for a market share of 20.7%. For its last passage on the channel on December 11, 2020, fiction had pleased 5.43 million curious (21.9% of 4+).

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For its third issue, season 11 of “Dance with the stars” is again second on TF1. The entertainment presented live by Camille Combal convinced 4.02 million aficionados, which represents a market share of 20.2% among audiences aged 4 and over and 34.0% among women in charge of purchases under the age of fifty (FRDA-50) until 10:50 p.m. Last Friday, the program co-produced by BBC Studios France and TF1 Production was watched by 3.80 million people (20.7% of 4+ and 36.3% of FRDA-50).

M6 follows with the American series “NCIS”, of which only an unpublished season 18 was broadcast. The premiere and the rerun that opened the evening gathered until 10:45 p.m. an average of 2.03 million Mark Harmon fans for an audience share of 10.1%. The only new one could count on 2.44 million French people (11.6% of 4 years and over). Last week, “NCIS” had enthralled 2.02 million series fans for a 10.2% audience share.

Cinema on the rise on France 3

France 3 was once again betting on a cinema offer with the screening of “Pale Rider, the solitary rider”, an American film by and with Clint Eastwood. The program was followed by 2.0 million moviegoers and 10.3% of the public. Seven days ago, with the film “Die Another Day”, the channel had mobilized 1.76 million James Bond enthusiasts (9.5% of 4+).

C8 comes in fifth place with the entertainment “The Sébastien Years”, followed by 680,000 viewers, or 3.8% of the public. Arte is behind with a classic of French cinema: “La haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz was scrutinized by 648,000 viewers, or an audience share of 3.1%.

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