The situation with nurses is alarming: Does long study discourage them? The Ministry has a clear answer! –

In the past, nurses became nurses after graduating from nursing high school. Although the same field is currently available, students who successfully complete the school do not have the same powers as nurses in the past. In order to become full-fledged nurses, they must graduate from college. And not everyone wants that.

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According to the Ministry of Health, the same training of nurses is currently carried out as in other countries of the European Union. This is in line with the legislation that Slovakia has transposed into our legislation upon accession to the Union. “The shortage of nurses cannot be attributed only to a change in education, as other EU countries have the same problem. Evidence-based practice confirms that higher education and the older age of graduates in the nursing profession improve the quality of healthcare and patient safety, “They explained from the Ministry of Health. According to them, this change affected not only the education of nurses, but also doctors, pharmacists and midwives, who are bound by the regulation of the profession.

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Hundreds of graduates

But what are the numbers? According to the yearbook of the National Center for Health Information from 2019, 262 graduates completed their second degree in nursing. “The statistics of the Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives show that approximately 20% of nurses with a higher than bachelor’s degree are in the health care system (Mgr., PhDr., PhD., Doc. Prof.). In addition, we state that a master’s degree in nursing is not necessary to acquire the professional competence of a nurse. For the performance of this profession, the first st. university education in the field of nursing or higher professional education in the field of graduate general nurse, “The ministry pointed out.

Situation with nurses

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But wouldn’t it be motivating for nurses to become nurses straight after high school? According to the Ministry of Health, it is motivating for them to be paid well, to have a suitable environment and to be accepted by the professional and lay public. “In our opinion, it is not motivating for the current generation of nurses to have a lower education than other health care workers, e.g. midwife, nutritionist, paramedic, physiotherapist, etc., “They stated from the ministry.

Good news?

According to them, it is important that the training for the profession of nurse last three to four years, depending on the form of the study program. However, they also have good news. “The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic is preparing several measures to improve working conditions and remuneration of health care workers, not only for nurses in practice, but also for students who are preparing for the profession, “They pointed out that they are also preparing legislative changes to expand the competencies of nurses or change their salary.

Situation with nurses

In addition, nurses and doctors are currently experiencing an extremely stressful period due to a coronavirus pandemic, and pediatrician Peter Visolajský, for example, recently said that all nurses resigned from the hospital’s JIS department, and all were on notice. The National Center transferred a patient in a difficult condition to us because the nurses at the JIS resigned. They transferred him to our JIS, where all the sisters have been on notice for a month and we have no compensation for them. What is the bigger picture of collapse? said recently for the portal Startup.

According to the ministry, based on the answers of employers after the end of the second wave of the pandemic, in some hospitals no applications for termination of employment were submitted due to a pension or other reason. “However, it is important to identify the merits of these dismissals (regardless of the profession), as in many cases the most common causes are demotivating remuneration, poor working conditions, interpersonal relationships and, in part, managerial failures., “The ministry pointed out, adding that after the end of the second wave, the ministry found out from the providers the number of nurses who applied for termination of employment, but the mass submission of statements was allegedly not confirmed.

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