ASSE – OL: Puel announces 3 absentees, evokes his future and calms Lyon on arbitration – Goal! Football club

Zapping Goal! Football club ASSE: the 10 biggest sales in history

The health point

“Mason is still not available, Silva has a calf discomfort and is not available either, Moueffek resumes with a friendly match with the reserve this afternoon”.

A positive speech

“There is a good week of training. You just have to regain confidence, go through simple things, listen to the players, find lightness. This is what we lacked during the start against Nice. It’s important to break free. The mental approach will be decisive. It is a difficult situation but the group is built in the face of adversity ”.

Always so determined

“I go through this period with the same determination. I want to support my players. We want to win this match. It’s not the most difficult of my Saint-Etienne career ”.

On his future

“A decisive match for me? What do you know about it? There are 29 matches left. We are preparing for a marathon. After that, it’s a very important match yes (…) I’ve been traveling for a long time. I have been through a lot. There is no other option for me than to be focused on this game. I have a certain shell (…) I saw my leaders this week as every week. There was nothing in particular (…) Some people may have an interest in seeing me fail. But I do not want to fall into conspiracy ”.

Green fiber, a chance for the derby

“We have a lot of players trained at the club in the group, it has a particular resonance in a derby”.

On public mistrust

“There is some frustration among the supporters. But we know that on Sunday they will be behind us. It hurts to end a match under the whistles of the public. It’s up to us to get into the match well, and the public will follow ”.

On Lyon’s statements concerning arbitration

“I saw that our opponent earlier this week had made some statements about refereeing. It is customary to do this sort of thing. We could also do tons of it. We also had our lot at the start of the season ”.

On the dissatisfaction of Denis Bouanga

“Who told you he wasn’t happy?” There is a lot of Fake News going around. Denis was very well this week. In all clubs there are little things. Messi the other day wasn’t happy to go out either. These are adventures that happen. The important thing is to stay united ”.

Transcription: Twitter accounts of Progrès, France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire, Sainté Inside and EVECT.

The essence of Claude Puel’s press conference

This Sunday, ASSE receives OL in a 123rd derby under very high tension. Coach of the Ligue 1 red lantern, Claude Puel is under pressure for this match. Obviously, his press conference was expected this Friday …

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