Weiss left Greece satisfied. Now he believes that Slovan will fight for progress – PRAVDA.sk

After the match of the Conference League between PAOK Thessaloniki and Slovan Bratislava (1: 1), coach Vladimír Weiss also felt that the opponent was playable on Thursday. He was satisfied with the point from Greece, but after such a course he was also interested in three.

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Slovana Bratislava coach Vladimír Weiss in the match of the 2nd round of the group phase of the European Conference League PAOK Thessaloniki – ŠK Slovan Bratislava.

“We would take the point before the match, but, of course, we had three goal chances. I think the division of points is fair, but we were closer to winning. However, a point with an excellent opponent is very valuable for us, “he said in immediate reaction to the match.

The former national team coach, who was the first to lead Slovakia to the big championship (WC 2010), is known for having no problem criticizing his own players, but on Thursday he was satisfied.

“Today we showed good play, good organization and individual performances, as a team we did not have a weak spot. We want to build on this principle. I know what I can expect from this team, and as I said, I believe that this team will be even better in the summer. These matches give us a lot and I believe that we have not said the last word in the group yet, “he said.

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Before the season, he made a big breeze in the white house, several players left, on the contrary, he brought in those with whom he had some experience in the past.

“I always wanted to have a good balance in the team, so in the summer Jaba Kankava or Guram Kašia came on the defensive, where we had to strengthen ourselves. Young quality offensive players such as Adler and André Green also came. Dejan Dražič played very well today, and Ezekiel Henty gave an excellent performance. Players who started during the match, such as Uche Agbo or Jaromír Zmrhal, also helped the team. That’s how it should be, “he was looking forward to the draw in Solín.

“The staff is wide enough, and I will always be critical of the players to spend even more and improve. It’s my job. Only with a good robot, a good relationship with the players and the management can you achieve something. We have to go further, this is only the first step in the group, “he pointed out.

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Slovan has one point in the account after two matches in the European Cup number three. He had previously lost to Copenhagen at home. An opponent from Gibraltar is waiting for him twice next time.

“Now we have Lincoln twice in front of us, it needs to be confirmed by good performances and points. Then we have PAOK at home and Copenhagen at the end outside. The cards are dealt almost equally to everyone, the group is level and open, we know that Lincoln is also a tough opponent. I believe that we will fight for the promotion place, “Weiss added at the end.

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