Today it will be decided on the FATE of Plačková: THIS IS WHAT THE LAWYER said –

The prosecutor filed a motion to prosecute the businesswoman Zuzana Plačková, her husband René and 8 other people. “A proposal for the arrest of ten people in custody was delivered to ŠTS at night,” Katarína Kudjáková, a spokeswoman for ŠTS, told TASR. On Wednesday, another round of interrogations took place at the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok. The first five defendants began questioning from the second afternoon. The other five accused, including influenza Zuzana Plačková and her husband René, were questioned from the fifth. René was taken back from the interrogation shortly after half past six in the evening, Zuzana left the direction of CPZ as the last at 18:58. Shortly after her interrogation on Wednesday, her lawyer Martin Pohovej also commented.

Plačková’s lawyer Martin Pohovej.

Source: Karol Farkaš, Plus ONE DAY

“The client commented, maintained her allegations from the pre-trial proceedings, denies the commission of the act, understands it as a big mistake and is, of course, angry at everything that is happening.” said her lawyer Martin Pohovej yesterday after her interrogation. How does he see today’s judge’s decision? “Of course we hope they release her,” her lawyer said, answering the question of what the investigators really have for her. “To the best of my knowledge, especially in the light of the conclusions, the reasoning of the indictment resolution was basically stated by one of the defendants, who has this version mediated by hearing, and the person who provided him with this information did not confirm this. The accused was not sentenced to detention and was released from detention. “ carried on.

Zuzana Plačková before Wednesday’s interrogation.


As far as wiretaps were concerned, is Zuzana Plačková recorded on them? “I did not have the opportunity to become acquainted with the classified part of the file, but we assume that there should be no negative conclusions in relation to my client.” he added.

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