Gladiator 2: whether you like it or not, the sequel is coming, thanks to Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott finally confirms that Gladiator will have a sequel, but we will still have to be patient.

In the family of sequels that are more like jokes than anything else, there is Titanic 2, Amistad 2 (tribute to Scary Movie), Basic Instinct 2, and Gladiator 2. But thanks to Ridley scott, the joke will indeed come true, since the director clings to the suite of his peplum with Russell crowe.

The idea is not fresh, and has been put back on the table regularly since 2001. In 2020, producer Douglas Wick claimed that Gladiator 2 was off relatively well, thanks to a Ridley Scott very interested in the idea of ​​giving a long-awaited (to put it mildly) sequel to Gladiator, peplum star of the year 2000, who had won the trifle of five Oscars (and changed our childhood to all).

And even if he continues the films, since The Last Duel comes out in October, and House of Gucci in November, Ridley Scott claims that Gladiator 2 remains in its priorities.

“Oh, are you cosplaying The Last Temptation of Christ?”

Ridley Scott’s schedule may be very busy, but he seems to have a very clear vision for the next few years of his life. He thus declared to Empire :

“I am already writing [le prochain] Gladiator. […] When I’m done with Napoleon, Gladiator will be next. “

Evil tongues will say that Ridley Scott also said he was going to do half a dozen prequels to Alien after Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, but whatever. In addition to his two films expected in theaters in 2021, the filmmaker is preparing Kitbag, with Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon, and Jodie Komer (already at the center of Last Duel) in Josephine. A biopic looming for 2023.

Photo Katherine Waterston, Ridley ScottRidley Scott on that movie, you know

But what will this look like Gladiator 2 ? Maximus the Brave died taking away the Machiavellian Emperor Commodus, after the epic and devious duel, leaving little usable material for the writers. What if we were a little puzzled by the idea of ​​following up on Gladiator (rather than a prequel, for example), That didn’t stop Ridley Scott from announcing that he knew how to bring Maximus back from the banks of the Styx..

The good thing about Ridley Scott is that he does a lot of movies. But what’s still not good with Ridley Scott is that he does a lot of movies. Gladiator 2 will not calm the debate around the cult filmmaker, able to chain a simple box like Alone on Mars, a film that unleashes passions like Cartel Where Prometheus, and another that goes unnoticed as All the money in the world. After his prequels ofAlien and the rest of Blade runner that he produced, he recalls in any case that recycling in Hollywood is not about to stop. Only one sequel to Legend Where Thelma and Louise.

What if you needed another reason to rage: Chris Hemsworth would have enjoyed filming Thor: Love and Thunder, where Russell Crowe plays Zeus, to talk to him about his desire to participate in Gladiator 2. From there to imagine that he dreams of being the heir of Maximus, with a small Oscar to the key, there is only one step.

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