Couzens was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Everard –

Couzens first proved himself to the woman with a police badge, then raped and murdered her.

BRATISLAVA. The police officer who murdered Sarah Everard was sentenced to life imprisonment, informs the BBC. Wayne Couzens kidnapped 33-year-old Everard as she walked home from her boyfriend in Claphame on March 3.

A 48-year-old police officer misused his police badge to lure Everard into his car. He later raped her, strangled her with a belt and burned her body, informs the British Guardian.

As the video shows, a police officer on duty at the time staged a false arrest of Everard, who was returning home at the beginning of the lockdown. At nine in the evening, she left her acquaintances’ house on Leathwaite Street, and 34 minutes later she was arrested by Couzens on Poynders Street. Surrounding witnesses thought Everard had “done something wrong” when a police officer arrested her.

Prosecutor Tom Little described in court that the killer restrained the victim and drove her more than 120 km from Brixtn to Ashford. “Shortly after they crossed the police station, Sarah must have been aware of her fate,” Little said.

According to Little, Everard might have thought that a police officer was arresting her for violating anti-pandemic measures when she returned home during the lockdown.

Her body was found seven days after the murder.

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Couzens pleaded guilty in court.

According to the judge, this is a “devastating, tragic and completely brutal” case. “You have betrayed your family and there is no evidence of real remorse,” the judge told the killer.

He added that the seriousness of the act is so “extremely high” that it requires a life sentence. “The abuse of the role of police officer in this case in the abduction, rape and murder of the victim is as serious as the murder for the purpose of promoting political, religious ideology.”

During the hearing, Couzens expressed his regret to the Everard family.

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