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For its second Champions League match, Lille lost Salzburg (1-2) on Wednesday. With a point in two games, LOSC is last in its group.

David was dominated by the Austrian defense

The start of the European campaign is difficult for Lille. Two weeks after a draw at home against Wolfsburg (0-0), LOSC conceded a defeat on the lawn of Salzburg (1-2) this Wednesday as part of the second day of the group stage of the Champions League.

Not enterprising enough in the first half and lying 0-2 after 53 minutes, Lille reacted too late in this match. And occupy the 4th and last place of group G.

Lille concedes a penalty, and enraged …

Lille entered this meeting strong with a shot from Yilmaz just above the crossbar in the second minute. Problem, the LOSC did not continue at this pace. Too shy and messy, the northern club then had a lot of trouble worrying the Austrians, who were sharper offensively but ultimately not very dangerous on Grbic’s goal. Until half an hour into the game and a penalty conceded by Botman for a late tackle on Adeyemi in his area (1-0, 35th). A goal that made a lot of talk.

Indeed, the Mastiffs were angry, considering that the striker had fouled Gudmundsson at the start of the action. But the referee, after seeing the footage, decided that was not the case. Difficult to get an idea from the images available. We did not clearly see if there was contact or if Gudmundsson was cranking up himself … Agacs, the Lille came out of their game a little and were very close to conceding the break before the break on a head of Kristensen hitting the post.

Adeyemi drives the point home

The second period started as badly as the first had ended for the reigning French champion. After less than ten minutes in the second act, Adeyemi scored a second penalty (2-0, 53rd). This time, no dispute possible: in the wall, Yilmaz had deflected the ball with his hand on a free kick entering the area.

While the meeting seemed badly started for Lille, the Turk redeemed himself quickly by reducing the gap on a free kick at the left corner of the area, with the help of an uninspired goalkeeper (2-1, 62nd). The end of the match was very open between Lille who pushed to equalize and Austrians who tried to kill the suspense, but the score did not move until the final whistle. LOSC woke up too late.

The score of the match: 6/10

A pleasant meeting between two teams which did not close the game. The game was livened up a little more in the second period after the second Austrian goal and the reduction of the gap of Lille, who pushed to try to equalize. In vain.

The goals :

– Adeyemi launches to take his penalty and opens his left foot. Lille goalkeeper Grbic starts from the right side, on his right, but can only deflect the ball into his goal with his fingertips (1-0, 35th).

– On a new penalty, Adeyemi shoots full axis and deceives Grbic, left on his left (2-0, 53rd).

– On a free kick the left corner of the area, Yilmaz rolls to the near post. The goalkeeper makes a hole and deflects the ball in his nets (2-1, 62nd).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Karim Adeyemi (8/10)

A real poison! Very quickly, the Salzburg striker turned the Lille defense into a spin on his dribbles and acceleration. He ended up cracking the Mastiffs by obtaining the first penalty, which he transformed, then by scoring the second. Talent and a lot of nerve in this young player. Replace the 75th with Chukwubuike Adamu (not rated).


Philipp Khn (4): with only two Lille shots on target, the goalkeeper didn’t have much to do. But he spoils his evening by pushing Yilmaz’s free kick back into his goal.

Rasmus Nissen Kristensen (7): the Danish right side did not let anything pass in his lane. He made a very solid defensive match (4 successful tackles, 2 clearings, 3 aerial duels won, 1 interception). He also weighed offensively with three attempts, including a header off the post in the first half.

Jrme Junior Ongun (7): the Cameroonian international had a very solid match. With 3 successful tackles, 5 interceptions and 3 cleared hot balls, he was omnipresent in his area.

Maximilian Wber (5): a sober match for the central defender who was well placed to cut Lille passes (5 interceptions).

Andreas Ulmer (6): the 35-year-old captain has used all his experience to muzzle Weah for nearly an hour. A solid match.

Nicolas Seiwald (5): positioned right from the diamond in the midfield, he slipped well to defend in the right lane. But his performance remains generally average with late interventions and many lost balls (63% of successful passes).

Mohamed Camara (6.5): he sometimes gave the impression of not being very comfortable with the ball in his foot, but in the defensive game it was something else. He was invaluable in his role as a sentry to protect his defense and to scratch balloons.

Luka Sucic (4): a fairly discreet match for the young Croatian, he weighed little defensively and offensively. Replace the 70th with Nicolas Capaldo (not rated).

Brenden Aaronson (4): in a number 10 position, the American international has never really taken the game into account. He sought to make himself available, but he was moved in the duels and did not make many offensive differences in the past.

Noah Okafor (5): the Swiss striker was less prominent than his colleague in the attack, but he still made some interesting differences by his acceleration in the first period. Replace the 62nd by Benjamin Sesko (not rated).

Karim Adeyemi (8): read the comment above.

Lille :

Ivo Grbic (5): the Lille goalkeeper must bow on two penalties. He doesn’t have much to be ashamed of in a match where he managed the two shots on target from Okafor and Adeyemi.

Tiago Djal (4,5): favorite Celik in the right lane, the Lille defender had a difficult evening against the liveliness of Adeyemi and Okafor.

Jos Fonte (5): the Lille captain has not always given off a feeling of superiority in the duels, but he is not at fault on the two goals conceded. He has a chance to score but places his head next to the frame on a free kick in the first half.

Sven Botman (4): the Dutch central defender started his match well, reading the races of the opposing attackers well, but he concedes the penalty for a late tackle on Adeyemi. Despite a good reaction afterwards, this fault is expensive …

Gabriel Gudmundsson (3): very difficult evening for the South Sudanese left side. He had a lot of trouble finding the right position in his lane and was not very inspired in the game. He lost a ball which gave Adeyemi an opportunity, before falling on the action which led to the penalty. Lille claimed a foul, but it was not very clear on the images. Not enough in any case for the referee to reverse his decision. Replace the 84th by Reinildo (not rated).

Jonathan David (3): after his double against Strasbourg last weekend, the Canadian international did not succeed. He was not very dangerous and made some bad choices, the image of this action where he forgets two teammates in the box and prefers to try his luck on a shot that is too soft. Replace the 84th by Isaac Lihadji (not rated).

Benjamin Andr (4): a difficult match for the indefatigable Lille midfielder, who seemed to stick his tongue out a bit. He commits a hand fault which leads to the free kick on which Lille concedes their second penalty.

Xeka (5): the Portuguese midfielder was far from being the worst tonight. He has helped his team rather well by combining effectively on the quick transitions. However, his trainer chose to take him out for the hour of play. Replace the 59th with Amadou Onana (not rated).

Angel Gomes (3): the attacking midfielder is past his match. Much too shy, he tended to hide and made no difference. Replace the 59th with Jonathan Ikon (not rated).

Timothy Weah (3): the American international remained on a good performance in Strasbourg in the league, he did not confirm in C1. He didn’t do much in his right lane. Replace the 59th with Jonathan Bamba (not rated).

Burak Yilmaz (5): the Turkish striker is obviously at fault, he easily concedes the second penalty by letting his hand slip on a free kick. Nevertheless, he revived his team quickly from a free kick and did not spare his efforts, moving across the width of the field to make himself available.

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RB SALZBOURG 2-1 LILLE (mid-time: 1-0) – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – 1st round, group G (Lille) / 2nd day
Stadium: Red Bull Arena, Salzburg – Referee: Halil Umut Meler, Turkey

Goals : K. Adeyemi (35th, pen.) K. Adeyemi (53rd, pen.) For RB SALZBOURG – B. Yilmaz (62nd) for LILLE
Warnings : K. Adeyemi (54th), N. Capaldo (90 + 3rd), for RB SALZBOURG – S. Botman (30th), Xeka (45 + 1e), B. Yilmaz (52nd), Jos Fonte (66th), J. Bamba (89th), for LILLE

RB SALZBURG : P. KhnJ. Ongun, Mr. WberR. Kristensen, A. UlmerMr. CamaraN. Seiwald, L. Sucic (N. Capaldo, 70th)Brenden AaronsonN. Okafor (B. Sesko, 62nd), K. Adeyemi (C. Adamu, 75th)

Lille : I. GrbicJos Fonte, S. BotmanTiago Djal, G. Gudmundsson (Reinildo, 84th)T. Weah (A. Onana, 59th), B. Andr, Xeka (J. Bamba, 59th), A. Gomes (J. Ikon, 59th)J. David (I. Lihadji, 84th), B. Yilmaz

Botman concedes a penalty …

… Adeyemi opens the scoring (1-0, 35th)

Adeyemi widens the gap on a second penalty (2-0, 53rd)

Yilmaz reduced the gap on a free kick (2-1, 62nd)

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